Geraldo Says the Coronavirus Vaccines Should Be Named After Trump

The voice of reason. Photo: Fox News

Geraldo Rivera has a proposal for how to placate a downtrodden President Trump as he attempts to overturn the results of an election he lost by a significant margin: Name the coronavirus vaccines after him.

Geraldo made the suggestion on Fox & Friends, the president’s favorite morning show. He did not appear to be joking.

“With the world so divided, and everybody, you know, telling him he’s gotta give up and time to leave … Why not name the vaccine the ‘Trump’?” Rivera said. He expressed his hope that “we could honor him that way,” to reflect the achievements of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine operation — which has indeed been a success — and insinuated that it would become commonplace for people in the future to ask each other “Hey, did you get your ‘Trump’ yet?”

This fantasy scenario seemed too much even for the presidential acolytes at Fox & Friends; Brian Kilmeade quickly changed the subject.

Geraldo: Coronavirus Vaccines Should Be Named After Trump