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Trump’s Election Eve Message Focuses on Refusing to Pay Microphone Guy

Photo: Screencap/Fox Business

President Trump, trailing in the polls, brought an unconventional message to the people of Wisconsin: He is mad at the guy who set up his rally microphone and is not going to pay him for his work.

Trump used a portion of his speech on Tuesday night to complain about the poor quality of his audio setup. He told the crowd that he would pay the contractor anyway, in part because he is from a swing state, and it would look bad for him not to pay a working-class person for services rendered:

Trump was probably right about this: Rich guys refusing to pay much-less-rich guys for work they did for them is not a very popular look. Trump is famous for doing this — he has refused payment to hundreds of contractors. Given how stingy it makes him look, Trump would probably be wise to refrain from stiffing his contractors until after the election. (Just two more days!) Or at least try to keep it secret if he does.

But, unable to let it go, Trump proceeded to tell the crowd he would not, in fact, pay the guy:

Traditional politicians like to end their campaigns by articulating bold visions and sweeping, idealistic themes. Ideally the themes connect to the lives of the voters themselves. It is quite rare for candidates to focus on the shortcomings of their rallies and their plans to financially punish the hired help. But, as his supporters always point out, Trump is not an ordinary politician. He’s a businessman.

Trump’s Election Eve Message: I Refuse to Pay Microphone Guy