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The Strangest Moments From Dominion’s Defamation Suit Against Rudy Giuliani

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As recent press conferences, Borat sequels, and reported SDNY investigations into his conduct in Ukraine have shown, Rudy Giuliani is not your average personal attorney for a former president. So, naturally, the $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit that Dominion Voting Systems filed against Giuliani on Monday isn’t your average legal document. Over 107 pages, the filing lays out some of the former mayor’s peculiar behavior since the election in his campaign to baselessly claim mass electoral fraud — including the assertion that the company was founded by Hugo Chávez as a way to skew U.S. elections. Below, the highlights from the suit.

Trump’s former cybersecurity adviser has some interesting ideas about cybersecurity

Dominion hits Giuliani for his cranklike behavior

As the lawsuit notes, the astute analysis provided above could be yours for just “$596 for the 4-year service if they used the promo code ‘Rudy’ when ordering.”

Dominion’s attorneys note that in the same podcast episode, “Giuliani claimed supplements would cure his viewers’ achy joints and muscles and implored them to ‘stop wasting money and switch.’ He instructed them to use his name when ordering and said they could get a second bottle free if they ordered ‘now.’” And in another podcast, shortly after detailing “how an American election had been fixed by a Venezuelan-owned company, Giuliani marketed cigars from an ‘American-owned’ company, offering ‘$20 off orders over $100’ if his viewers used the code ‘Rudy20’ when ordering.”

One of Giuliani’s ‘forensic experts’ supports anti-Semitic conspiracies

Russell Ramsland, a “forensic expert” who purportedly confirmed Giuliani’s nonexistent evidence of corrupted voting machines in Michigan, has a long history of dabbling in conspiracy theories, as the lawsuit describes: “Before Giuliani touted Ramsland’s expertise, Ramsland had publicly claimed, among other things, that George Soros helped form the “Deep State” in Nazi Germany in the 1930s — along with President George H.W. Bush’s father, the Muslim Brotherhood, and ‘leftists.’” Such a venture would be quite ambitious for the young Soros, who was born in 1930.

The threats Dominion faced after Giuliani’s false claims were frequent — and violent

The lawsuit states that one Dominion employee received texts saying, “We are already watching you. Come clean and you will live.” Alarming voice-mails were also left on the company’s customer-support line, including a bomb threat and the following death threat:

“You’re all fucking dead, You’re all fucking dead. We’re bringing back the firing squad and you fuckers are all dead, everybody involved up against the wall you motherfuckers. We’re gonna have a fucking lottery to fucking give people a chance to shoot you motherfuckers you fucking wait you cocksuckers you commie pieces of shit. We’re going to fucking kill you all you motherfuckers. After a fair trial of course you pieces of shit. The American people are fucking coming for you this is the end of your fucking line guys your fucking days are numbered you better enjoy your Thanksgiving because you’ll never see another one you fucking cocksuckers. You will be gone soon. Happy Thanksgiving. Cock suckers. You’re almost done just watch and see what happens. Check out the executive order from September 12, 2018. You’ll see what’s going to happen. You’ll own nothing. You’ll be on the fucking 2030 plan because you’ll own nothing you fucking cocksuckers. It’s coming. Buckle your fucking seatbelts. Watch what’s going to happen next.”

Strangest Details From Dominion’s Lawsuit Against Giuliani