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Ex-Presidents Come Together to Promote COVID Vaccination … Except Trump

George W. Bush in the pro-vaccination video, showing that all Republican presidents aren’t exactly the same. Photo: Ad Council/YouTube

In the tradition of ex-presidents of the United States banding together across party lines in particularly important endeavors, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama released a video on Thursday promoting COVID-19 vaccination as sort of a patriotic duty (which it is):

You may have noted an omission in the ranks of living ex-presidents. Donald J. Trump issued his own statement about vaccines on March 10:

It’s hard to imagine a more apt contrast than this one. Trump’s presidential predecessors are focused on encouraging Americans to overcome their doubts and fears about vaccination. Trump is focused on his own fear that he won’t get enough credit for the development of the vaccines. The 39th, 42rd, 43rd, and 44th presidents are upbeat and encouraging, and looking to the future. The 45th is whining and sulking, and cannot let go of the past.

This moment will be worth remembering if and when Trump tries to become the 47th president. His campaign will strictly be a vengeance tour aimed at defying those who did not properly hail his power and glory. It’s true he is unique among American chief executives … but just not in the way he imagines.

Ex-Presidents Promote COVID Vaccination … Except Trump