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Cuomo Will Be Questioned in Sexual Harassment Inquiry on Saturday

Photo: Mary Altaffer-Pool/Getty Images

Investigators with the office of New York State attorney general Letitia James will interview Governor Andrew Cuomo this weekend as part of James’s ongoing probe into the multiple sexual harassment allegations that emerged earlier this year.

The New York Times reports that two outside attorneys hired to lead the probe, Joon Kim and Anne Clark, will interview Cuomo in Albany on Saturday. Since the inquiry was announced in March, they have been gathering testimony and corroborating evidence from the women and former aides who have alleged that Cuomo sexually harassed them. At least four of his accusers have reportedly been subpoenaed under oath already. As the Times notes, Cuomo’s deposition suggests that the inquiry may be close to its final stage, though “investigators could still call him, and other witnesses, for follow-up interviews based on his testimony and other evidence.” A source familiar with the investigation added that it will be wrapped up “before summer’s end.”

James has been less definite as to when the public report will come out, saying last month that the probe “will conclude when it concludes.” In a statement, Cuomo’s office took the opportunity to claim that the leak of the scheduled interview was “more evidence of the transparent political motivation of the Attorney General’s review.” While the governor has apologized “if anybody was offended” by his behavior, he has denied all allegations of misconduct.

Depending on the results of the report, its publication could draw attention back to the allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment that roiled the governor’s office earlier this year. Despite the upheaval — and the widespread calls for his resignation among New York Democrats — Cuomo has weathered the political crisis thus far with his reputation among most voters more or less intact. Polls from this spring showed that a slim majority of New Yorkers did not want him to step down.

The state attorney general’s sexual misconduct probe is not the only investigation that Cuomo is facing. It’s not even the only investigation from the AG’s office: James is also looking into reports that the governor used state resources to pen his book about the pandemic and whether an advisor linked support of the administration to vaccine access for county executives. The state Assembly judiciary committee has also opened an impeachment probe with a “very broad” scope which includes the sexual harassment claims as well as the administration’s reported cover-up of nursing home deaths at the beginning of the pandemic. The FBI is also reportedly investigating the nursing home debacle.

Cuomo to Be Questioned in Sexual Harassment Inquiry Saturday