Andrew Cuomo’s Big Gross Book of Touches

This is his answer to sexual-harassment allegations. Photo: Darren McGee/Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo’s new book — not to be confused with his memoir that got to bookstores before the COVID-19 vaccine got to you, about how he absolutely didn’t cause the deaths of thousands in nursing homes and also definitely didn’t hide that information — is a picture book!

This treasury, this great Cuomography, follows a new report by New York State attorney general Letitia James’s office that detailed an array of inappropriate and unwanted treatment of women who worked for him.

Written by Rita Glavin, his attorney, the 85-page tome has a lengthy introduction but is mostly visual material. You see, he touches lots of people, we learn! There’s Cuomo on Clinton and Biden with Rochester mayor Lovely Warren.

Photo: Office of Governor Cuomo

There are at least two pictures of him kissing his father, which makes the whole production feel like “Local Man Can’t Be a Harasser — He Is Italian.”

Photo: Office of Governor Cuomo

And then there’s “Figure 10: with State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins.” What’s that, Spectrum News politics reporter Nick Reisman?

State Senator Stewart-Cousins is rarely, if ever, seen without a scarf and also does not usually wear glasses. But the photograph appeared in Newsday in 2019 in a story about Cuomo and Stewart-Cousins trying to pass the state Equal Rights Amendment. (Yes, she did it.)

Could it have been an error and a woman with a similarly wedged bob? “I could have tagged it wrong. I don’t know,” said the credited photographer, Darren McGee, who was camping in the Adirondacks and couldn’t check his archives. A photo editor at Newsday said the photo’s credits came from the office of the governor.

We can absolutely verify that the senator would like the governor to resign, as does … everyone else.

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Andrew Cuomo’s Big Gross Book of Touches