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Cuomo Moves His Stuff to Sister’s House

Yes, Cuomo does. (A fitting advertising message adorns a U-Haul moving truck outside the governor’s mansion in Albany, New York, on Friday.) Photo: Hans Pennink/AP/Shutterstock

With his last day in office fast approaching on Monday, Andrew Cuomo has begun vacating the governor’s mansion. Moving trucks and an Office of General Services SUV were seen being loaded at the mansion in Albany on Friday morning. It remains unclear where the disgraced, soon-to-be-homeless governor will be living come 12:01 a.m. Tuesday. When asked by New York last week where he would live next, Cuomo replied that, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” but “I’ll figure that out.” Now, the New York Post has determined that a lot of Cuomo’s stuff, at least, will be residing at his sister’s house in Westchester County.

The Post followed two U-Haul trucks from the governor’s mansion to the Purchase home of Maria Cuomo-Cole and her husband, the designer and brother-in-law fan Kenneth Cole, on Friday afternoon. An effort to hide the truck’s final destination failed:

Revealing an apparent attempt to conceal Cuomo’s future whereabouts, the driver of one of the two U-Haul trucks told the Post on Friday he was instructed to “drive to the Tappan Zee” bridge — and wasn’t provided an address until about 30 seconds before pulling up to the property. The mover said he didn’t receive any information on whose house he was schlepping boxes to.

It’s not clear if Cuomo will be following his belongings to the Coles’ nearly $3 million mansion, which is called, according to a sign outside, “Five Chimneys.” The Post says the home has “an apparent guest house” and passed along that a source close to the resigning governor claimed, “He’s storing some stuff at his sister’s house and will be in the mansion until Tuesday.”

If Cuomo’s possible stay with his sister is only temporary, Intelligencer has offered up some other destination-living ideas.

Cuomo Moves His Stuff to Sister’s House