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BoJo (Possibly) Boosts Biden’s Build Back Better by Being Weird

Photo: @BorisJohnson/Twitter

U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson is busy navigating a crippling supply-chain crisis, an interconnected labor shortage, the tail of a consuming Delta wave of COVID-19 cases, and how to approach the Continent after Brexit and the exit of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

But he’s not too busy to go online. On Monday, BoJo posted a video of himself slapping down a ream of butcher paper filled with what is probably fish and chips (considering the provenance of the video) and saying what appears to be a few words of support for U.S. president Joe Biden. “Build back batter,” Johnson says, which is followed by a clip of him drinking beer and saying, “Build back bitter?” (Get it?)

But is he really supporting the U.S. president? It turns out Johnson and Biden actually have the same utterly forgettable slogan, so chances are pretty good that BoJo is merely talking up his own agenda. But with confusion about Biden’s intentions reigning, this still seems like good news for the president: He needs all the center-right support he can get.

BoJo (Possibly) Boosts Biden’s Agenda by Being Weird