Biden Appears to Nod Off As Future of Planet Hangs in Balance

Maybe a little too relatable. Photo: Erin Schaff/AP/Shutterstock

President Biden — for whom the jet lag of a European trip should have dissipated to some extent four days into his tour of the continent — seemed to be nodding off during a presentation on the first day of the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

To be fair, the man is turning 79 years old in three weeks, and the address he was sitting through did sound pretty boring. And perhaps Biden was just saving his strength for his own speech later in the day, during which he struck an appropriately urgent tone on the climate crisis.

Still, it’s probably best to avoid pulling the hung-over-college-freshman-at-an-8-a.m.-class routine as world leaders determine whether the Earth is beyond salvaging.

Biden Appears to Nod Off As Planet’s Future Hangs in Balance