Eric Adams Flies Air Crypto

Photo: Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Politico Playbook reported Tuesday that when Mayor-elect Eric Adams flew to Puerto Rico for a New York Democratic Party confab this month, he and his longtime partner, Tracey Collins, hitched a ride on the plane of cryptocurrency billionaire Brock Pierce, who has been advising Adams on “all things crypto.”

Adams had said he paid his own way to Puerto Rico, remarking that the trip was “my dollar, my dime, and my time.” But while a spokesperson told Playbook that Adams paid for a seat on the private flight via a travel agent and flew commercial on the return trip, his team did not produce receipts.

The next mayor has already said he wants to get paid in Bitcoin temporarily, though how that might work is a complicated question. And he’s been hanging around with some of the titans of the crypto world — and perhaps not the most savory of them.

Elder millennials may remember Pierce for his roles in the Mighty Ducks movies and First Kid. But these days he is a leading Bitcoin entrepreneur and evangelist who makes his home in San Juan and has wanted to turn Puerto Rico into a “Burning Man Utopia,” as Playbook notes. He has also been accused of child sexual abuse — allegations he denies — and once lived in the house where director Bryan Singer allegedly abused underage boys. Pierce ran for president last year and is considering a Senate run in Vermont next year.

Associations with possibly shady characters? Opacity around expenses and travel? You can expect a lot more of both over the next four years.

Eric Adams Flies Air Crypto