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Eric Adams Gives Stephen Colbert a Bag of ‘Weed’

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Eric Adams has been lighting up in his newfound celebrity since winning the mayoral race earlier this month. In an appearance on The Late Show on Tuesday, he wanted host Stephen Colbert to do the same, giving him rolling papers and a bag of “weed” among other gifts.

Toward the end of the segment, Adams, pulled from a tote bag to give Colbert several New York-themed gifts, like tickets to Chicago and a blanket “if you go to Times Square and want to wrap up with your boo.” Then the mayor-elect pulled out a baggie from his jacket pocket, waved the no-longer-contraband and said: “I’ll give it to you later.” Colbert played it square, saying: “I’m not into that scene.”

But the mayor-elect who has been big on legal marijuana’s impact in New York City — “Bring the joints!” he yelled in September — did not appear to bring the real stuff on the show, according to spokesman Evan Thies, who said Adams did not buy weed for the show.

In the late-night hit, Adams — looking relaxed and wearing a Culkin-level number of bracelets — also pulled out several well-worn lines from the past year, reminding the audience again that the “prerequisite to prosperity is public safety and justice” and that he hangs out “with the boys at night” but gets up “with the men in the morning.” Still, he displayed the uncanny ability of American men his age to add possessives to venues like “Zero Bond’s” and “Cipriani’s” and added a few new entries to the gilded and ever-growing Adams phrase book. Among them: If New York nightlife is a fundamental New York offering of the city, then he “must test the product.”

“We used to be the coolest place on the globe,” Adams added. “We’re so damn boring now.” One way or another, we won’t be for long.

Eric Adams Gives Stephen Colbert a Bag of ‘Weed’