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Eric Adams Jets Off Again

Photo: Getty Images

Less than a month after his trip to the Dominican Republic, incoming New York mayor Eric Adams is going away again. Despite chattering that the Omicron variant would postpone his planned weeklong trip, Adams is heading to Ghana with his family for a “spiritual journey.”

“I’m going there to pray,” he told reporters on a Zoom call Monday. “I’m going there to do some spiritual cleansing that’s there.” Adams compared his visit to that of President Barack Obama in 2009, saying “the people of Ghana” are “waiting for me to go.” He said he has intended to visit the West African nation since the 400th anniversary of slavery on the U.S. mainland, which was marked in 2019. “My ancestors came over here in the bottom of slave ships,” Adams said. “And 400 years later, I’m the mayor of one of the most important cities in New York.”

Adams, who recently received his COVID-19 booster shot, has taken some flack for wandering away from home, wherever that is. In the lull between the close primary and the blowout general election, he headed off to the principality for the stars, Monaco, for some Riviera R&R. And after a trip to Puerto Rico three days after the election, Adams traveled to the Dominican Republic to meet with legislators. (It was later revealed Adams flew to San Juan on the private jet of crypto investor Brock Pierce despite claiming the trip was on “my dollar, my dime, and my time.”) As for the jet-setting amid rising concerns over the new coronavirus variant, he said, “Should the federal government change their guidance on travel, I will immediately follow it.”

Eric Adams Jets Off Again