Finally, a Car That Lets You Play Video Games While Driving

The world’s richest person isn’t generally receptive to criticism. Photo: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The New York Times reports that for months, Tesla drivers have been able to play video games while their cars are in motion. As annoying people like to say, what could go wrong?

The new feature came into existence this summer, when Tesla beamed a new software update to most of the cars it produces. The company did not seem to advertise the video-games-on-the-go component, but if it was installed in error, Elon Musk & Co. have had plenty of time to rectify it, which they have not. Musk wouldn’t comment on the matter to the Times, but presumably wouldn’t have said anything nice if he had. Tesla has already received a barrage of criticism over the years for its autopilot system, which allows drivers to take their hands off the wheel in certain circumstances — and which may not be as good at avoiding dangerous situations as the company claims. Musk has defended the system vigorously.

According to Motor Trend, games installed on current Teslas include new-ish titles such as Polytopia and Stardew Valley as well as older classics like Asteroid and Centipede, though it is not clear if all are available to play while driving. Sadly, you cannot master Grand Theft Auto as you accidentally re-enact scenes from the game.

Fatal car crashes have risen during the pandemic and were at their highest total in 15 years through the first half of 2021, per government statistics.

Finally, a Car That Lets You Play Video Games While Driving