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We Have Some Questions About the Subway Fit

Eric Adams on the subway.
Our king uptown, downtown, underground. Photo: Rachel Atcheson/Twitter

“Today in Eric Adams” — the T.E.A. — brings you the best of the day in Eric Adams.

Every costume is communication!

  • The newspaper-boy flat cap, why? Secondary question: Why doesn’t the mayor care about cold ears?
  • Is the room just illegible to this man? Christmas is over, red and green are dead, my boy; get that yuletide cheery scarf outta here.
  • The red bracelet poking from his cuff — is he regularly wearing a kautuka, or a kalava, or is this Kabbalah? Or is there some nebulous awareness month we’re … unaware of?
  • Great mask. Wonderful mask. Hear me out: Wondering if students could catch a few of those great and wonderful masks as a well? Just a thought experiment.

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