Is Peter Thiel Trying to Buy a Fight With China?

Peter Thiel listens to Donald Trump. Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Peter Thiel — the Paypal co-founder, prime builder of Silicon Valley’s legacy, funder of an allegedly forthcoming conservative dating app called RightStuff, and one of the richest men in the world — will not stand for reelection this spring to the board of the company formerly known as Facebook, a role he has held since 2005. Instead, in the prime of what we (not he) would call his midlife, he has turned his attention to his true love: engineering society through our broken political machinery.

Why? He believes that China is an enormous threat to America. He’s already called for an arms race. Take it from his pals in South Florida: “Peter’s basic tenet is, America’s really at a precarious tipping point. Communism is trying to establish a hold here,” said one. (Thiel’s closest friends agree; Curtis Yarvin, a technologist and blogger, refers to the current president as “China Joe,” a nickname you can expect to see on Fox News more and more as this agenda progresses.)

Fortunately, changing America through politics is easy. You mix money, secrecy, iron will, and the power of persuasion. Just like how Howard Roark built the skyscrapers!

According to OpenSecrets data, Thiel is tied for first place as the largest individual donor to Republicans this cycle, per a New York Times report. In looking at his preferred candidates, does a coherent picture emerge, beyond the fact that there are more people named Ted on the list than there are women?

In the House, the money being spread around seems pretty obvious. Kevin McCarthy? As House Republican Leader, he’s the guy who names people to the China Task Force that he also … created in 2020. Michael McCaul is a Foreign Affairs Committee member … and chair of the China Task Force. Chris Stewart? China Task Force member! Michael Waltz? On the China Task Force, and who also tried to run this ad:

But the Senate is where the real magic happens. Here are Thiel’s five favorite candidates in the Senate:

Ted Budd, North Carolina
Just an everyday gun-range owner and family farmer who’s also a multi-millionaire and a crypto enthusiast who hates China.

Ted Cruz, Texas
Pro-crypto bitcoin booster; outspoken critic of Uyghur concentration camps. Also hates China.

Blake Masters, Arizona
Notable quote: “We’re going to stop woke teachers and schools from turning our kids into losers.” An interesting character! He’s a crypto enthusiast, Thiel employee, and Stanford start-up guy with homeschooled children who hates big tech and is raising money through NFTs as well as $10 million from Thiel, plus oodles more from multiple large-scale fundraisers; opposed to foreign intervention, but also likes military spending — but also wants to “fight back against the woke military”; is ready to close the border with fine Thiel investment products; dislikes gay Superman; and … hates China.

Eric Schmitt, Missouri
The crypto enthusiast and Missouri attorney general that sued China over COVID-19, in a state that wouldn’t approve a candidate to run the Department of Health because he supports vaccines (even though he hates masks!). Definitely hates China.

J.D. Vance, Ohio
Ah, yes. The venture-capital firm founder, former marine, Yale Law School graduate, and another $10 million Thiel recipient. Used to hate Trump and now says Biden stole the election. Sad! Also? Hates China.

So if you’re a Republican candidate striving for financial support from this particular billionaire, attacking China is probably a good way to get his attention.

Is Peter Thiel Trying to Buy a Fight With China?