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Eric Adams Eats Fish

The hizzoner, who is also a fish-eater. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Eric Adams, the allegedly vegan mayor of New York City, eats fish. And that’s okay! Fish is good for you. Fish tastes good, too. But for reasons I can’t claim to comprehend, Adams and his office continue to publicly insist that Adams maintains a strict plant-based diet, even when people have now repeatedly seen him eat the fruits of the sea with their own two eyes. He was famously caught consuming fish in July of last year at Rao’s. And now, Politico reports that:

A restaurant employee told POLITICO Adams usually dines on fish and salad, even though the mayor claims he’s a vegan and wrote a 224-page book about his food regimen. “He’s not a vegan, he’s a pescatarian,” said the staffer, who was granted anonymity to speak candidly about the mayor.

I can’t say with any certainty where Eric Adams lives, but I can say with something close to 100 percent confidence that Eric Adams eats fish. I’d even bet a fair amount of money he eats fish regularly. That the mayor maintains the totally unnecessary fiction that he does not do this makes me think he may be less than trustworthy on issues that actually matter! At any rate, we in the press charged with covering him no longer need to participate in a fantasy world where Eric Adams does not eat fish. He does.

Update: He admits it.

Eric Adams Eats Fish