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Eric Adams Is So Pumped to Hang Out With Joe Biden

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Ahead of his scheduled meeting with President Biden on Thursday, Eric Adams is gassing himself up higher than a giddy schoolboy man-child embarking on his first date with the homecoming queen. He not only called himself “the Biden of Brooklyn” at a presser about gun violence but claimed, “If you were to ask him, ‘What is his favorite mayor?’ he’d clearly tell you it’s Eric,” because they’re both “blue-collar guys who are down-to-earth,” which reveals a couple of things:

• Eric Adams has successfully transcended race. Please clap for Eric Adams.
• Adams hasn’t checked out Biden’s latest horrific slide in approval ratings among Dems.
• The mayor, like Tom Brady, speaks about himself in the third person.
• Biden and Adams are from a different planet because one sounds like an angry Botoxed zombie and the other like a disturbingly optimistic celebrity cyborg any time they speak to “blue collar” America.

The potential for the meetup this week: New York’s secondhand embarrassment quotient is about to skyrocket. By the time their date is over and the plans for expanding police power are announced, the prospect of seeing teary-eyed Eric Adams’s bald dome deep in Biden’s bosom seems inevitable. Adams may have big eyes for D.C.; this week, he’s fine being Papa Joe’s No. 1 boy.

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