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It’s Time to Take Your Tax Refund

Photo: @NYCMayor/Twitter

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It’s tariff time! Put on your party hats and hit up your CPA. It’s another year putting our dollars into lackluster social services, violent policing and jails, and an underfunded sanitation system! The hamburgers and hot dogs are on the grill, hands are rummaging through recycle bins for receipts lost to time and grime. Doing his civic duty, Mayor Adams hit Twitter with a short vlog enticing New Yorkers to please, dear God, sign the paycheck.

The giddily read message is simple: If your family earned $72,000 or less, or you made $51,000 or less as a single filer, the city will help you file taxes for free. And, oh yeah: “Get That Money.

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A new tax season brings about old questions, though: How have the tax brackets changed; how much do certain people or entities pay in taxes; how do they avoid taxes altogether? For tips on that last part, we might turn to one of the mayor’s closest friends, Zhan “Johnny” Petrosyants, whose exploits as a tax evader have been well documented. A 2017 deep dive by DNAinfo into the relationship of Adams and Zhan and Robert Petrosyants, Zhan’s twin brother, described them as “tax deadbeats.” Their lawyer and business partner, Akiva Ofshtein, owned or co-owned one of their restaurants, which owed $800,000. According to public records, members of the family had IRS tax liens from as recently as 2018; a lawsuit accusing fraud over the disposition of a million dollars in investment money has been pending for years. But that’s not why we’re here. We’re trying to learn how to successfully stay one step ahead of the IRS for years at a time! What kind of skills does one need to master? Does one need to know math? Like, know math, or is this industry non-STEM inclusive? Scammers (specifically the ones in the mayor’s Rolodex), please chime in.
Eric Adams Will Do Your Taxes