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Former Brooklyn Borough President Fails to Recognize Brooklyn Dodgers Cap

Not the Boston Red Sox. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

For a long and confusing 20 years, the mayor of New York City was a Boston Red Sox fan. Bill de Blasio proudly cheered for the Sox, long refusing to step foot inside Yankee Stadium and wearing a Yankees cap for the first time only to mark the opening of a COVID vaccination center at the ballpark. And while Mike Bloomberg wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about sports, he’s a native of Medford, Massachusetts, and says he grew up cheering for the Yankees’ chief rival.

It was perhaps with this shameful history in mind that Mayor Eric Adams, a Mets fan, chided reporter Jeff Coltin on Friday for daring to wear a Red Sox cap into City Hall. That would have a been a perfectly reasonable, perhaps even necessary, response — except for the fact that Coltin was actually wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers cap.

Coltin says he responded that it was a Dodgers cap, and that Adams “just smiled and walked through the door of City Hall, while I stood there in disbelief and, naturally, took a selfie with my hat on.”

The Major League Baseball season (finally) begins on April 7. Perhaps Adams, who served as Brooklyn borough president for eight years, could use a lesson in the city’s baseball history before opening day. Still, ignorance beats being a Sox fan.

Former Brooklyn BP Fails to Recognize Brooklyn Dodgers Cap