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Lindsey Graham’s Call for Putin’s Assassination Is Too Extreme for MTG

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If any top Russian officials have been scanning Twitter and thinking, This Ukraine invasion is pretty terrible. What do random U.S. senators think I should do about it? — they got their answer on Thursday night. Senator Lindsey Graham opined on Twitter that the “only way” the Ukraine crisis ends is for “somebody in Russia” to “take this guy out,” i.e., assassinate Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He also used the line on Fox News:

This call to assassinate a foreign head of state was condemned by lawmakers across the political spectrum. Representative Ilhan Omar suggested Graham should “cool it” with his unhelpful remarks, and Senator Ted Cruz called it an “exceptionally bad idea.”

Okay, but the Squad disagrees with just about everything Graham says, and even his good friend Donald Trump regularly calls him a RINO who “should be ashamed of himself.” So how is Graham supposed to know if he’s really gone too far this time?

Well, there’s also this:

When noted conspiracy theorist Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene — who brandished a Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle in a campaign ad, was stripped of her committee assignments, and recently spoke at a white nationalist event — thinks your ideas are a little too nutty, you should probably take that as a sign.

But apparently, Graham won’t do that. He doubled down in an interview with Fox and Friends on Friday morning. While Graham suggested he’s open to Putin merely being arrested, he said, “The best way for this to end is to have an Elliot Ness, a Wyatt Earp in Russia, the Russian Spring so to speak, where people rise up and take him down — because if he continues to be their leader, then he’s going to make you complicit with war crimes.”

“I’m hoping somebody in Russia will understand that he’s destroying Russia, and you need to take this guy out by any means possible,” Graham added.

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Graham’s Call for Putin Assassination Is Too Extreme for MTG