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Eric Adams Joins TikTok, Makes Smoothie

Photo: @nycmayor/TikTok

Mayor Eric Adams is no stranger to trying new tech. From embracing cryptocurrency to his penchant for vlogging his days on his official Twitter account, Adams hasn’t hesitated to expand his online footprint.

But now City Hall is going somewhere it has never gone before: TikTok.

Adams unveiled the creation of a mayoral TikTok account, telling his Twitter followers, “Follow along for the fun.”

The mayor’s first (and so far only) video on the platform opens with shots outside City Hall, the state flag blowing in the breeze. It cuts to a close-up of a NutriBullet blending one of Adams’s trademark smoothies over the sounds of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love.”

Next, we see Adams by the window, smoothie in hand, as he addresses New Yorkers.

“Bing-bong, New York City. Your mayor is on TikTok. Let’s get stuff done,” Adams says.

Adams joins TikToking Toronto mayor John Tory, District of Columbia mayor Muriel Bowser, and the most famous TikTok city leader of all, Leeman Kessler, the viral sensation who is mayor of Gambier, Ohio. Time will tell if Adams finally sparks a larger trend of mayoral influencers.

Eric Adams Joins TikTok, Makes Smoothie