Eric Adams Hasn’t Released His Tax Returns Yet

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

It’s officially Tax Day in the United States, and Eric Adams hasn’t released his returns. Yet.

During a press availability on Friday, the mayor was asked if he intended to make his tax returns public as his predecessors have in the past.

“I will comply with whatever rules are in place. You know, we do a disclosure, also. I think that’s sometime in May. So whatever rules are in place to ensure transparency for those who are in public office, I’m going to comply 100 percent,” Adams said at the time, speaking remotely from Gracie Mansion after testing positive for COVID-19 days earlier.

When a subsequent reporter asked Adams if he would commit to releasing his taxes, Adams said “No.”

As Adams returned to City Hall on Monday for the first time since his COVID diagnosis, he was asked again by the City if he would release his returns.

“I may make up my mind,” Adams responded.

Adams has previously faced questions about his tax filings. During his run for mayor, the then Brooklyn borough president had to amend his documents to address inconsistencies connected to a property he owns in Brooklyn, as first reported by the City.

Though not legally mandated, politicians on both the state and federal levels have long upheld the norm of releasing their tax returns to the public. Past New York City mayors, such as Bill de Blasio and Michael Bloomberg, released their returns during tax season. During the 2020 election, the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination made a point to show their returns, in sharp contrast to then-President Donald Trump, whose refusal to reveal the financial documents ended up in the courts.

Eric Adams Hasn’t Released His Tax Returns Yet