Who Are You Going to Believe, Lin Wood or NASA?

Photo: Apu Gomes/Getty Images

When you think about it, it’s not that big of a jump from believing that a cabal of Chinese communists swung the 2020 election by tinkering with voting machines to believing that the Earth isn’t round. Now, Lin Wood, the high-profile nonsense-spouting lawyer who became central to former president Trump’s efforts to overturn his election loss, has added “flat-Earther” to his increasingly unimpressive résumé.

In a message posted to Telegram, Wood asserted that “every word in the Holy Bible is true.” He continued, “Is the earth flat or is it a spinning ball???” This is a question that, for most, was definitively answered some time ago, but Wood disagrees with the consensus.

In a follow-up post, Wood wrote that an unidentified “enemy” has been attacking him for his unorthodox theories, which means that “the enemy does not believe in the Word of God but rather chooses to believe in NASA!!!”

Wood also has some doubts about the moon landing. That’s one small step for a (conspiracy-addled) man.

Though it may seem hard to believe, Wood was once highly respected, the lawyer who successfully represented Richard Jewell, the man wrongly accused of bombing the 1996 Olympics. That feels like a very, very long time ago; Trumpism is a hell of a drug.

Who Are You Going to Believe, Lin Wood or NASA?