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Watch Ted Cruz Get Mercilessly Booed, Heckled by Yankees Fans

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Some people soothe themselves by taking deep breaths. Others run or practice yoga. Sometimes it feels good to let out a primal scream or hit a pillow. And for Yankees fans — who watched their team lose to the Houston Astros on Sunday night, dashing their World Series hopes — it seems there’s nothing as cathartic as relentlessly booing and heckling Ted Cruz.

Droves of New York fans made it clear they did not appreciate Cruz’s presence at game four of the American League Championship Series, as seen in several viral photos and videos. This tweet shows the Texas senator getting flipped off in the stands:

In another, Cruz smiles and waves as spectators boo him loudly, hurling insults like “fucking loser” and urging him to “go back to Cancún” — a reference to Cruz jaunting off to Mexico in 2021 after a freak winter storm left millions of Texans with no heat or electricity:

Here, fans regale Cruz with comments like “Fuck you, you racist piece of shit!” and “You suck. You’re a disgrace,” a reference to the general consensus that Cruz sucks:

New Yorkers’ hatred of Cruz is well earned. The Texas Republican had the gall to rail against a Superstorm Sandy relief bill, then claim he “enthusiastically” supported aid for victims in New York and New Jersey years later when his own state needed federal help after Hurricane Harvey. Plus he made attackingNew York values” a recurring theme of his unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign.

During a Monday morning appearance on The View, Cruz claimed that the bad vibes at Yankee Stadium didn’t bother him at all. “That’s all right. I was pretty happy with how the game ended up last night,” Cruz said. And it does seem he must be accustomed to negative public reaction. The senator couldn’t even make it through the show without getting heckled yet again:

While the hosts suggested the shouts were coming from climate activists, the Houston Chronicle reports that some View fans were just taking shots at Cruz:

The shouting from the in-studio audience started as Cruz tried to talk about inflation and predicted a GOP “tidal wave” in the midterms. The jeers mostly came from climate protesters but included a few insults directed at Cruz.

When the show returned from a commercial break, the View hosts went after Cruz, too, grilling him on January 6, his apparent indifference to Donald Trump attacking his wife and father, and raising his voice with them.

In Cruz’s defense, his experiences during his trip to New York might have left him with the impression that angry shouts are our primary method of communication.

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See Ted Cruz Get Booed, Heckled Mercilessly by Yankees Fans