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The Billionaire’s Epiphany

We weigh the collateral damage of one man’s con and another’s hero complex.

Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photos Getty images
Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photos Getty images

When a con man and a billionaire get together, a lot of people get dragged into their mess: wives, ex-girlfriends, children. In our final episode of Seed Money, we check in with a few of the people who have gotten sucked into their vortex. And with the con man, to see if he has any regrets.

Ken Silverstein: First off I just wanna make clear to you that I feel badly you’re in prison but… you know, ugh. The problem is that I just couldn’t back up a lot of the stuff that you told me, you know, about yourself … Like one thing that is very disturbing, to be honest, is that you have talked about being in the CIA. And I have not been able to confirm that.

Michael Goguen (left), Jamie Goguen,(center) Heather Marshall,(bottom), and Matt Marshall (right)] Photo: Courtesy Matt Marshall

Matt’s answer is aggressive, and disappointing. A more surprising answer comes from the billionaire, who is newly married and has a relatively new explanation for his lifestyle.

Mike: I absolutely was going through a phase in the period in question, when we’re talking about the chumming around with, you know, conman Matt Marshall. Where in hindsight you say, “What was I looking for?“… But when you finally get to reach sort of an epiphany about yourself and, and then you can put it on perspective, um—

Hanna: What was the epiphany? What were you looking for that you landed in that situation?

Mike: Oh, you know, I think probably what most of us are looking for. That–the deep human connection that sort of meets all— fulfills all the voids.

Cover Story: Seed Money

In the new season of Cover Story, a billionaire hiding out in Whitefish, Montana, is getting away with some “evil shit,” according to … his ex–best friend.

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The Billionaire’s Epiphany