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Where Does Sex With a Billionaire Land You?

We examine a lawsuit, a police investigation, and one woman’s memories.

Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photos Getty Images
Photo-Illustration: Intelligencer; Photos Getty Images

We’d heard stories about this billionaire meeting women in strip clubs, a casino, and a condo in Whitefish, Montana. We knew he gave women lots of money. But so far in Cover Story: Seed Money, we had yet to talk to any women who said the billionaire had done anything illegal. So in episode four, we weigh the question: If none of it adds up to a crime, what does it add up to? A lawsuit against the billionaire prompted several women to revisit their memories of him. One woman told police during an investigation:

I feel like I wouldn’t have even slept with that guy if it wasn’t for the money.

And then there was an ex-girlfriend from before the billionaire was a billionaire. They met in 1994 at a casino where she was a cocktail waitress.

Photo: Courtesy Naomi

She described him at the time as the man of her dreams. Now, for lots of different reasons, she is retrospectively pissed. She tells us:

He’s playing these games with everybody’s hearts and minds, and he loves to show off and be the hero. But yet he won’t save you if, you know, he feels it’s not right for him. It’s almost like he’s using all the women as a start-up company. Like, some he’s going to fund, and some he isn’t, you know. It’s like, some he’s going to help, and some, he won’t — depending on how he analyzes them.

Cover Story: Seed Money

In the new season of Cover Story, a billionaire hiding out in Whitefish, Montana, is getting away with some “evil shit,” according to … his ex–best friend.

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Where Does Sex With a Billionaire Land You?