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Did House Republicans Have the Worst Holiday Party Ever?

Photo: Rep. Kevin Hern via Twitter

The next time you find yourself suffering through a horribly awkward holiday party, just think to yourself, Hey, at least Louie Gohmert isn’t playing “Silent Night” on guitar right now.

On Tuesday, Republican representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee hosted a holiday party in his Capitol Hill office that featured musical performances by fellow election-denying lawmakers Gohmert and Brian Babin. As shown in the clip below, QAnon-curious presidential heckler Lauren Boebert showed up to enjoy the holiday reverie and Burchett’s “charcuterie.”

In addition to Cheez Whiz on Ritz crackers, the menu featured a PB&J bar and Mountain Dew.

Now, despite some inaccurate reports on Twitter, this was not the official House Freedom Caucus holiday party (Burchett said he isn’t even a member). And this tasteless yuletide shindig was meant to be humorous, to some extent. When Politico reporter Olivia Beavers posted the invitation to Burchett’s 15-minute bash earlier this month, she assumed it was a joke until the congressman set her straight.

In a statement to People earlier this month, Burchett promised his event would be “the Christmas party of the year in D.C.,” though “there’s no guarantee we’ll have refreshments, but if we do they’ll be lackluster at best.”

“I was originally going to invite Kanye, but the morality clause in our entertainment contract makes that a no-go,” Burchett added. “Besides, I don’t associate with people who say nice things about Nazis. The dulcet tones of Louie Gohmert performing Christmas music is a much better option.”

While Gohmert hasn’t embraced Nazism, he did make false antisemitic claims about George Soros and “accidentally” donate to a Holocaust-denying preacher. He was also an early adopter of several racist conspiracy theories, including birtherism and “terror babies,” and a key figure in Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election results.

So while much of this was tongue in cheek, I still don’t want to be nestled snug in a room with a bunch of election deniers while visions of Cheez Whiz “charcuterie” dance in my head. But at least the gathering was short and had a fun ending.

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Did House Republicans Have the Worst Holiday Party Ever?