The #Resistance Is Back and Super-Psyched About Trump’s Indictment

Photo: Sergio Flores/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Maybe you’ve forgotten what the internet was like when Donald Trump was elected president. As conservatives gloated, a swath of very online liberals, broadly known as the #Resistance, decried the collapse of our nation’s values. Their objections were often warranted — it was a pretty scary time — but their overheated rhetoric and frequent incorrect predictions of Trump’s imminent downfall became wearying. Eventually, as the pandemic and Trump’s 2020 loss flushed out earlier concerns about Ukrainian quid pro quos, Russian collusion, and American carnage, the #Resistance faded from the mainstream conversation.

But after two-plus years spent either dormant or out to brunch, the #Resistance is back in a big way following Trump’s indictment. And this time around, there’s something for them to celebrate. Podcasters, actors, talking heads, and many other nonessential political voices are weighing in on Trump’s complicated legal predicament with some very uncomplicated quips.

“Good morning and Happy Friday to everyone who loves the smell of trump indictments in the morning,” wrote Majid Padellan, a.k.a. BrooklynDad_Defiant!, a.k.a. the anti-Trump influencer criticized for failing to disclose that he got $57,000 from a pro-Biden PAC. The Mueller, She Wrote podcast — still going years after the Russia investigation concluded — was also having some good, clean fun:

The Krassenstein brothers, who made their name by making fun of Trump in Twitter comments he would never read — until the boys were banned for allegedly making fake accounts to boost their numbers — are absolutely thrilled. Under Elon Musk’s dominion, they’re back and they’re doing stuff like this:

No one, though, was riding higher than Seth Abramson, the Twitter-thread maximalist who documented every single wrong of the Trump administration. Finally, an indictment validated his years of posting: “For years I called Trump a ‘career criminal’ in print and online on the basis of my knowledge, experience, expertise, and research as a criminal defense attorney, journalist, journalism professor, cultural critic, and Trump biographer—*not* as a partisan,” he wrote. “So I do feel vindicated.” After a long night of tweeting, he eventually signed off by posting “Nights in White Satin,” by the Moody Blues, and bid his audience good night: “Sleep well and wake brave, all.”

The #Resistance Is Super-Psyched About Trump’s Indictment