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Trump’s Short Trip to New York Is Getting the O.J. Treatment

Photo: Fox News

As Donald Trump makes his way from Mar-a-Lago to New York City to be arraigned (and mug-shotted) on Tuesday, his brief journey is, unsurprisingly, drawing breathless door-to-door coverage. And primarily because there’s a motorcade involved here, the spectacle can’t help but bring to mind a different notorious celebrity who faced criminal charges:

To be fair to Trump, he’s not leading police on a spontaneous and dangerous pursuit. Nor is he accused of murder, that we know of. Nevertheless, time-filling cable-news commentary over a live shot of vehicles on an otherwise empty highway with people lining the sides of it can’t help but dredge up memories for viewers of a certain age.

With Trump’s plane in the air (its takeoff was documented extensively), there’s a brief respite from this media frenzy. But when Trump touches down at LaGuardia airport later on Monday, it’ll be Motorcade Watch Part Deux, as he makes his way to Trump Tower via possibly more congested highways — and less sympathetic people.

It should be an interesting 24 hours.

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Trump’s Short Trip to New York Is Getting the O.J. Treatment