Despite Everything, New York City Is Still a Very Popular Place to Live

Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded. Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

There are now almost 9 million stories in the Naked City.

New Census numbers released on Thursday show that NYC’s population rose from 8.18 million to 8.80 million over the last decade. That’s a gain of 8 percent — far more than many expected, and among the most of any major metropolis in America. This is, on balance, good news for a city that, until recently, was in a tedious faux debate with itself about whether the entire place was “over.” (Answer: no.)

The mayor certainly seems pleased:

Now that we’ve determined more people than ever want to live here, we can begin a different debate: Is it too many? Did the last few people in this Ample Hills line really have to relocate to Brooklyn? Food for thought.

Despite Everything, NYC Is a Very Popular Place to Live