Read Every Message Trump Has Posted on Truth Social

Hey, don’t strain that typing finger! Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s been a little over a month since Donald Trump’s Truth Social — which is basically Twitter from an alternate universe where Trump isn’t banned and “tweets” are “truths” — officially launched on February 21. But while the app is available for download on Apple’s App Store, there’s still no Android or web version. And many people signed up and created an account only to be put on a wait list, which is currently more than 1,385,001 users long.

These aspiring “truth”-sayers must be eager to know what kinds of “open, free, and honest” musings they’re missing out on, particularly from the famously prolific former president himself; Trump posted more than 56,571 tweets before he was banned from Twitter, and he’s released 135 statements on his website since February 21.

So, here’s an exhaustive list of all the “truths” Trump has posted to the site since it officially launched (hat tip to @FrankLuntz):

That is all.

Read Every Message Trump Has Posted on Truth Social