1. politics
    USA Capitol Building dome with American flag flying.
    The New York Congressional-Map Drama Just Won’t EndAlbany lawmakers will draw their own (again) after rejecting an independent commission’s proposal on Monday.
  2. early and often
    South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary.
    Trump’s Primary Results Don’t Mean He’s Doomed in NovemberTrump doesn’t have unanimous support in Republican primaries. But Haley may be attracting Biden voters rather than crucial swing voters.
  3. tremendous content
    Melania’s ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket Was a (Botched) Jab at IvankaA forthcoming book claims Melania Trump’s most confounding moment as First Lady was part of a four-year power struggle with her stepdaughter.
  4. early and often
    Trump’s Most Unhinged Plans for His Second TermHe’s openly plotting to persecute his enemies, assume kinglike powers, and deport millions of people. But at least we’ll all have flying cars!
  5. on with kara swisher
    Roberta Kaplan Knows How to Let Trump Beat HimselfThe renowned attorney talks with Kara Swisher about the E. Jean Carroll verdict, Trump’s appeal chances, and how to drive the former president insane.
  6. the national interest
    Joe Biden’s Old-Fashioned Pro-Choice Message Still WorksActivists should get off his back.
  7. what we know
    How AI Is Being Used to Influence and Disrupt the 2024 ElectionHere are all the ways AI has already become a factor in the 2024 election and what’s being done to limit the damage.
  8. early and often
    Who Will Be Trump’s VP Pick? The Latest 2024 Veepstake OddsDoes Stefanik have “the look”? Is Scott loyal enough? Where does Noem rank? Here are each VP candidate’s odds in the race to be Trump’s running mate.
  9. 2024 south carolina primary
    Nikki Haley Speaks At Her South Carolina Primary Election Night Party
    Haley Got Crushed by Trump in Her Home State, but Plans to Keep LosingSo long as people keep giving her money, Haley doesn’t have to quit. But future primaries look bleak.
  10. early and often
    Donald Trump at the 2024 CPAC
    Calling Himself a ‘Political Dissident,’ Trump Pitched Regime Change at CPACThis year’s CPAC was like a January 6 reunion, and Donald Trump leaned into the rhetoric of revolution in his keynote address.
  11. early and often
    Elise Stefanik waves from the stage at the annual CPAC meeting.
    Elise Stefanik Auditions to Be Trump’s VP at CPACThe once-moderate congresswoman has become a top Trump veepstakes candidate and the MAGA faithful received her with open arms.
  12. poll position
    Biden vs. Trump Polls: 2024 Race Is a Dead Heat, Despite Democrat PanicAll the talk about Biden’s age changing everything hasn’t caused much of a shift in 2024 election polling.
  13. life after roe
    Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In North Charleston, South Carolina
    Trump Poses As Savior of IVF Despite Enabling Alabama BanThe president who killed Roe already got away with distancing himself from anti-abortion extremism in Iowa, so he’s not going to stop now.
  14. politics
    Nassau County, New York, Executive Bruce Blakeman
    Democrats Attack Long Island Republican Over Draconian Trans BanGovernor Hochul accused county executive Bruce Blakeman of trying to “score cheap political points” with his executive order.
  15. life after roe
    Senate Takes Up Funding Bill After House Passage
    Tuberville and Republicans Are Tripping All Over the Alabama IVF DecisionMany Republicans are abandoning “fetal personhood” doctrines amid backlash to the Alabama ruling. Tuberville and Nikki Haley haven’t been so nimble.
  16. the law
    Michael Cohen’s Moment of Truth Has ArrivedDonald Trump’s upcoming New York trial will hinge on the credibility of a complicated man.
  17. the national interest
    Trump Has Finally Remade Republicans Into Putin’s PlaythingsHis admiration of Russia no longer renders him strange or suspect within the party.
  18. early and often
    Key Speakers At Conservative Political Action Conference
    Could Tulsi Gabbard Become Trump’s Very Weird VP Choice?She left the Democratic Party in 2022 and quickly moved from far left to far right. A woman of color and a veteran, Gabbard checks lots of boxes.
  19. tremendous content
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Holds News Conference On Security Preparations For Upcoming Spring Break
    DeSantis Insults His Way Off Trump’s VP ShortlistTrump said he might pick DeSantis for VP. Then in a private call, DeSantis said he’s not interested, criticizing Team Trump and right-wing media.
  20. screen time
    AI Companies Are Getting the Culture War They DeserveGoogle’s new image generator is yet another half-baked AI tool that is practically designed to provoke controversy.
  21. early and often
    Running for President May Be the Only Way for Trump to Pay All His LawyersBy becoming president, Trump could quash many of his criminal indictments. But even his candidacy has turned legal expenses into a political cause.
  22. early and often
    The Swiftboater Coming for BidenWith co-pilot Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita has brought discipline to the Trump campaign. Is that enough to win?
  23. life after roe
    Nikki Haley, Abortion ‘Moderate,’ Says Frozen Embryos Are ‘Babies’For all her talk of seeking a “consensus,” she is siding with anti-abortion extremists who would ban in-vitro fertilization.
  24. early and often
    Congress Is Hurtling Toward a Government ShutdownIf conservatives can badger Mike Johnson into rejecting any bipartisan deals, they may secure across-the-board spending cuts after a shutdown.
  25. politics
    Trump Could Still Lose Trump Tower After AllState attorney general Letitia James said that her office will ask for Trump’s assets to be seized if he can’t pay his $355 million fraud penalty.
  26. early and often
    Mayorkas Impeachment Trial Will Be As Flimsy As the ChargesSenate Democrats don’t want a real trial over the contrived claims against the Homeland Security secretary or a lengthy discussion of border policy.
  27. early and often
    Trump Is Preying on Low-Information VotersSwing voters tend to be low-information voters, which leaves this crucial group vulnerable to Trump’s disinformation.
  28. early and often
    Replacing Biden at the Convention Is Risky and UnprecedentedHaving Biden throw away his nomination to let convention delegates pick the Democratic nominee is an interesting idea. It’s also totally implausible.
  29. politics
    Why Did the U.S. Veto a Gaza Cease-fire Plan?Almost all of the U.N. Security Council voted in favor of a cease-fire proposal on Tuesday.
  30. early and often
    Nikki Haley Won’t Drop Out (As Long As Donors Keep Giving)While she has no clear path to victory over Trump, she also has a decent amount of money and little to lose.
  31. early and often
    The Millionaire LimeWire Founder Behind RFK Jr.Mark Gorton has done his own research on JFK, LBJ, vaccines, and the 2024 election.
  32. tremendous content
    Trump Wants You to Pay $400 to Walk in His Gold SneakersThe former president has unveiled a new sneaker line. He definitely needs the money.
  33. tremendous content
    14 Times Donald Trump Had the Best, Most Beautiful PropsFrom gaudy gold sneakers to Sharpie-scrawled notes on a scandal, no one shows off sketchy documents and merch like the former president.
  34. foreign interests
    Putin Is Winning — and He’s Flaunting ItAlexey Navalny’s death is just one of many ways the Russian president is flexing his muscles in what could turn out to be a very good year for him.
  35. life after roe
    Trump Pulls New 16-Week Abortion Standard Out of Thin AirHe says he wants a “number” for an abortion ban that will “make people happy.” This one won’t.
  36. the inside game
    Too Old? Biden World Thinks Pundits Just Don’t Get Joe.The president’s friends and aides play media critic amid a political mess.
  37. the law
    Fani Willis Is Losing the Optics Battle in Her Case Against TrumpWhile the Atlanta DA and her lead prosecutor may not be disqualified, their personal relationship has tainted them in the court of public opinion.
  38. politics
    Trump Banned From His Company, Fined $355 Million for FraudThe Trump Organization won’t have its namesake for three years in just one part of a staggering ruling leveled against the former president.
  39. early and often
    Joe Manchin Won’t Run for President After AllThe West Virginia senator seemed to rule out a No Labels candidacy and hinted he might back Biden for a second term.
  40. politics
    New York’s New Congressional Map Might Disappoint EveryoneThe new map made small changes to a few upstate districts but is far from the big Democratic win some had hoped for.
  41. poll position
    What the Polls Say Today: Does Haley Have a Shot in South Carolina?Trump appears to be romping toward victory in Haley’s home state and beyond.
  42. politics
    It’s Official: Trump Is Going on Trial in Manhattan Next MonthJudge Juan Merchan ruled that the hush-money payments trial will begin on March 25, rejecting Trump’s attempt to throw out the case.
  43. early and often
    Republicans Are Acting Like 2024 Is Their Last CampaignLara Trump’s desire to spend “every last penny” on her father-in-law’s reelection is not a healthy sign of a party built to last.
  44. politics
    What Could Suozzi’s Win Mean for November?Experts speculate what the former congressman’s special-election win might mean for races in the fall.
  45. life after expulsion
    Santos Cursed Out His Congressional Enemies in a Group ChatThe expelled congressman swore at his former co-workers in a group chat after Republicans lost the election to replace him.
  46. early and often
    What Is Nikki Haley Even Thinking at This Point?Heading toward a humiliating defeat and possible excommunication, Trump’s final challenger must have some plan we can’t quite discern.
  47. new jersey
    Menendez’s Wife Claims Sketchy Gold Bars Were Her Mom’sProsecutors disagree.
  48. impeachment
    Mayorkas Impeached for Being in Biden AdministrationIt’s clear that his “crime” was simply implementing the president’s policies.
  49. early and often
    Tom Suozzi Flips Santos Seat, Shrinking House GOP MajoritySuozzi defeated Mazi Pilip in a snowy New York special election. It’s a good sign for Democrats’ prospects of retaking the House in November.
  50. politics
    The Anti-Feminist Backlash at the Heart of the ElectionAn unrepentant misogynist leads a movement bent on controlling women’s bodies and futures.
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