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$15 Minimum Wage

  1. politics
    Biden to Give Nearly 400,000 Workers a $15 Minimum WageAn executive order will do what Congress refuses to do, at least for employees of federal contractors.
  2. immigration
    Reconciliation May Not Solve Democrats’ Immigration WoesAs with the $15 minimum wage, a path to citizenship could succumb to a Senate parliamentarian’s ruling. And then there’s Joe Manchin.
  3. covid-19 stimulus
    Senate Likely to Vote on COVID-19 Stimulus Package This WeekendDemocrats are already accepting changes in the bill to preempt Republican amendments, and Sanders’s minimum wage bid has already been defeated.
  4. politics
    Give Biden a BreakThe left and the media have lost perspective. He’s soon going to sign an enormous, progressive stimulus bill and get his Cabinet confirmed.
  5. covid stimulus
    Democrats Bail on Backup Plan for $15 Minimum Wage As Part of Biden StimulusThe attempt to add a $15 minimum wage to the $1.9 trillion COVID-relief bill has been spiked by Democrats.
  6. $15 minimum wage
    Democrats Can Still Get a $15 Minimum Wage Into the COVID-Relief BillThere are plenty of ways for Democrats to get a $15 minimum wage through the Senate. There just aren’t 50 Senate Democrats willing to do so.
  7. conservatism
    The $15 Minimum-Wage Debate Clarifies the Partisan Economic DivideRepublican “populists” oppose a $15 minimum wage because they stand for predatory small-business owners, not working people.
  8. Pelosi Promises to Pass $15 Minimum Wage If Dems Take HouseDon’t look now, but Capitol Hill Democrats seem to be putting together an ambitious, populist post-2016 agenda.