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  1. 100-person poll
    100 Psychics on What Their Clients Want to Know About 2020Who will win the election? Will Trump go to prison? Can you tell if I have COVID-19? And more questions about these uncertain times.
  2. 100-person poll
    100 New Yorkers on the New Rules of Outdoor Drinking On a recent Saturday, we asked 100 people at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park about porta-potties, open container laws, and other 2020 etiquette.
  3. politics
    100-Person Poll: How Will the Trump Presidency End?We asked 100 New Yorkers (plus 14 pundits, journalists, academics, and activists) how they see the Trump administration ending.
  4. work-life balance
    100-Person Poll: Do You Work Too Much?We need to work more, says Jeb Bush. New Yorkers don’t exactly agree.
  5. 100 person poll
    How 100 New Yorkers Feel About E-Cigarettes and Vaping in PublicNearly 40 percent of locals have vaped, based on our survey.
  6. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Fast-Food Worker EditionWhat’s the worst part of their jobs?
  7. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Eliot Spitzer EditionDoes he deserve a second chance? Does anyone even know what a comptroller is?
  8. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Citi Bikers EditionWhat 100 people who have actually ridden Citi Bikes think about the program. 
  9. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Anthony Weiner EditionWill people vote for him? Do they even remember why he resigned?
  10. summer fun
    100-Person Poll: The McCarren Park Pool Weekday Jobs ReportWhat kind of professionals can spend their nine-to-five hours poolside?
  11. 22-Person Poll: Why Did New Yorkers Even Vote Today?A highly unscientific sampling. 
  12. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: New Yorkers Are Not Afraid of Illegal File-SharingEveryone does it and most people don’t plan on stopping.
  13. 100 person poll
    100-Person Poll: Raising the Minimum WageDo people know what the minimum wage is? What should it be?
  14. eye of newt
    100 Person Poll: What Is ‘Newt’ Short For?Do people know?