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14th Amendment

  1. early and often
    Donald Trump
    Supreme Court Says Colorado Cannot Kick Trump Off the BallotStates will not be able to declare Trump ineligible to hold office based on the Constitution’s post–Civil War era insurrectionist ban.
  2. the law
    Supreme Court
    The 14th Amendment Effort Only Ended Up Helping TrumpIt was a wild law-school hypothetical sprung to life. It only ended up giving Trump’s candidacy a boost.
  3. court appearances
    Trump Finally Had a Good Day in CourtThe Supreme Court steps into the presidential election and not for the last time.
  4. the law
    The Supreme Court’s Silver-Bullet Solution to the 14th Amendment ProblemColorado and Maine have taken Trump off the ballot. The Court wants to put an end to this, now.
  5. early and often
    Trump Ludicrously Claims Biden Is the Real InsurrectionistAll Trump allegations must be turned against his foes, so MAGA-land has labeled Biden a “threat” who should be taken off the ballot.
  6. exhibit a
    It’s Maddening That the Supreme Court Could Decide 2024You can thank one liberal pipe dream and one overly cautious Justice Department.
  7. early and often
    2024 Drama Kicks Off With Shutdown Threat and Trump ShowdownsWith congressional funding cliffs, GOP presidential primaries, and Trump court decisions, January and February are sure to be chaotic.
  8. early and often
    Supreme Court Shouldn’t Let State Judges Set 2024 BallotThe U.S. Supreme Court could avoid a definitive call on Colorado’s ruling disqualifying Trump. But that would just unleash more election chaos.
  9. exhibit a
    Do Liberals Think the Supreme Court Will Save Us From Trump?Because that would have to happen to disqualify him from running under the 14th Amendment.
  10. debt ceiling
    Here Are Biden’s Last Few Ways to Get Around the Debt LimitTraditional political wrangling over the debt ceiling is going nowhere. What about the gimmicks?
  11. voting rights
    Bipartisan Voting-Rights Legislation May Simply Be ImpossibleThe pious hopes of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema notwithstanding, we are in a historic moment, like Reconstruction, when one party is incorrigible.
  12. capitol riot
    Could the 14th Amendment Ban Trump From Holding Office Again?Even if a Trump political comeback isn’t blocked by impeachment, his incitement to insurrection may make him subject to a ban meant for Confederates.
  13. racism
    Racism Has Thwarted American Ideals From the Beginning, and Still DoesInstead of complaining about greater recognition of racism in American history, conservatives should realize it has been their enemy, too.
  14. supreme court
    Supreme Court Applies Ban on ‘Excessive Fines’ to States and LocalitiesThe unanimous decision could have a big impact on state and local government, sparking many lawsuits aimed at fines, fees, and asset seizures.
  15. the law
    No, President Trump Can’t Strike Birthright Citizenship Out of the ConstitutionThe president is trying to stir up questions about the 14th Amendment, though for more than a century the courts have been very clear on its meaning.
  16. On the 150th Birthday of the 14th Amendment, Its Future Hangs in the BalanceTrump may not know the 14th Amendment from the 14th floor of one of his hotels, but his second SCOTUS pick could greatly affect its interpretation.
  17. 7th Circuit Court Issues Sweeping Decision Protecting Transgender RightsThere’s no telling what the Supreme Court will do with this broad decision extending transgender rights, but it won’t be able to dodge the big issues.
  18. important ceilings
    It Looks Like We Can’t Just Ignore the Debt CeilingGeithner and Pelosi are not onboard.
  19. early and awful
    Harry Reid Wanted to Repeal Birthright Citizenship in 1993, But That’s Not the Full StoryAn examination of the facts.
  20. tiny baby terrorists
    Attack of the Terror Babies! First They Come for Your CitizenshipWatch Representative Louie Gohmert and Anderson Cooper yell about terror babies!
  21. 14th amendment
    John Boehner: Repeal of 14th Amendment Is Worth Exploring“It’s worth considering,” House minority leader says.