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    What New Yorkers Know About David Paterson As of Monday, David Paterson will be the new governor of New York, not to mention the state’s first black governor. And what do his constituents think of him? Well, they don’t really have an opinion. Because most of them heard his name for the first time this week. We surveyed nineteen New Yorkers (and one visitor from Florida) to see what they knew about Governor-designate Paterson. They know a lot more now, thanks to the magic of a sex scandal in the age of the 24-hour news cycle. And being New Yorkers, they have some choice words for Governor-resigned Eliot Spitzer.
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    It’s (Unscientifically) True: New Yorkers Do Work Harder On Friday morning, the federal government released data indicating that the average American workweek in February was 33.7 hours. Obviously, they didn’t ask many New Yorkers. Or did they? On Friday afternoon, we surveyed twenty locals about the length of their workweeks and found that not everyone works harder than the national average — just most people. Seven people worked fewer hours (a babysitter, a medical secretary, and a school psychologist among them), and thirteen worked harder, including a high-school teacher, a home health aide, and a newsstand operator. All of the respondents thought their fellow New Yorkers worked longer hours than the national average, even if they themselves did not. On the low end, a student-model worked fifteen hours a week. The newsstand operator clocked the most weekly hours, with 72. So what did these people have to say about their jobs?
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    Bush Commutes Libby’s Sentence, New Yorkers Shrug The Times is indignant, Gawker is indignant — hell, we’re even feeling a little indignant — that President Bush commuted convicted perjurer Scooter Libby’s 30-month prison sentence yesterday afternoon. “I respect the jury’s verdict,” Bush said yesterday. He continued: “But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive,” which is basically the opposite of respecting the verdict. (He also said back in 2003, when the Plame leak first came to light, that “if there is a leak out of my administration … and if the person has violated the law, the person will be taken care of.” Just not too harshly.) But we wondered: Are average New Yorkers indignant, too? A quick 20-person poll later — our interns asked twenty passersby in front of the office on Madison Avenue — it seems they’re not, or at least not as much as we’d hoped. Damn. Questions and tallies after the jump.
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    Do You Hate David Chase? We learn fascinating things about ourselves from the Post. Take this morning, for example. We were under the impression we’d liked the Sopranos finale. Quite a lot, actually. We knew different people had different feelings, but we don’t remember talking to anyone who hated it. But the Post informed us that we were wrong. “Sopranos fans,” today’s cover told us, are “out for blood.” Apparently we are furious. “‘Sopranos’ fans seething over the series’ finale flop called for one more person to be whacked yesterday — creator David Chase,” began the article. We had no idea. And so we took to the streets of Manhattan — well, to the stretch of Madison outside the office — to find out if people were actually so angry. Based on the evidence, we’re going to have to say that, no, they’re not. Questions and tallies after the jump.
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    Just How Bad Are Things in Iraq? There’s a new Times/CBS poll out today on the Iraq war, and it’s bad news for Mr. Bush. “Americans now view the war in Iraq more negatively than at any time since the war began,” as the Times bluntly put it. Six in ten say the country should have stayed out of Iraq in the first place, the paper reported. Three of four say things are going badly there. And a whopping 63 percent disapprove of Bush’s overall performance as president, with only 30 percent approving. The one bit of good news is that a majority support continuing to finance the war, assuming the Iraqi government meets benchmarks. But it’s a poll of all Americans. What do New Yorkers think? We asked the first twenty people we found on Madison Avenue in front of the office. Oddly, only 45 percent said the country should have stayed out of Iraq (we think maybe we phrased that one wrong). Otherwise, the locals are even more pessimistic than the rest of the country. By a lot. The questions and tallies are after the jump.
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    Iraq: To Surge or Not to Surge? So now it’s official: Bush wants to send 20,000 more U.S. troops to Iraq. And, as we know, congressional Democrats think that’s a bad idea; indeed, Senator Ted Kennedy introduced legislation earlier this week that would require Congress’ approval before any additional forces could be considered. So do New Yorkers support Bush’s plan? Do they support Kennedy’s? And do they think 20,000 more troops will make a difference in Iraq, anyway? It’s 20-Person Poll time, and random passersby on Madison Avenue say no, no, and no.
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    Iraq Study Group: Perhaps Monkier Than We Thought? The Iraq Study Group report is out, obviously, and now, it seems, all the important players have weighed in: Bush says he doesn’t want to decrease troop levels and the Post says the panel’s chairmen are “Surrender Monkeys.” Clearly it’s time for another 20-Person Poll. New York’s intrepid interns hit Madison Avenue to ask three questions. Question No. 1: The Iraq Study Group says “the situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating.” Does that come as a surprise to you? Big surprise: 2; no surprise: 18 Question No. 2: Who has a better plan for Iraq, President Bush or the Iraq Study Group? Bush: 3; ISG: 12; neither: 5 Question No. 3: Are James Baker and Lee Hamilton, the chairmen of the Study Group, in fact surrender monkeys? Yes, monkeys: 6; no, not monkeys: 14
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    President Hillary? Today’s Post insists — more than anyone else has yet insisted — that Hillary Clinton has really, genuinely, honest-to-goodness decided to run for president. Which means it’s time for another 20-Person Poll. New York’s interrogating interns hit Madison Avenue this afternoon, and they asked twenty registered Democrats who’d get their vote in a presidential primary. Here in her home state, things are looking good for our junior senator — unless, that is, a certain melting pot from Illinois decides to run. Matchup No. 1: Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama Clinton: 6; Obama: 14 Matchup No. 2: Hillary Clinton vs. Al Gore Clinton: 10; Gore: 10 Matchup No. 3: Hillary Clinton vs. John Edwards Clinton: 13; Edwards: 7 Matchup No. 4: Hillary Clinton vs. John Kerry Clinton: 15; Kerry: 5 ‘I’m Going to Go for This’ [NYP] Earlier: President Mike?
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    President Mike? In this week’s cover story, and on the heels of the weekend’s news that Hillary Clinton is moving yet another step closer to maybe, eventually admitting she’s running for president, New York’s John Heilemann considers the possibility of a Bloomberg White House bid in 2008, reporting that the mayor is seriously considering a run and that political pros thinks he’d be a serious contender. Inspired, Daily Intel took to the streets — well, took to Madison Avenue immediately in front of the office — for our first-ever 20-Person Poll. How would Mayor Mike fare in some hypothetical matchups? According to some random pedestrians, not so badly — as long as Hillary doesn’t run. Matchup No. 1: Michael Bloomberg vs. Hillary Clinton Clinton: 15; Bloomberg: 5 Matchup No. 2: Michael Bloomberg vs. Barack Obama Bloomberg: 12; Obama: 8 Matchup No. 3: Michael Bloomberg vs. John McCain Bloomberg: 13; McCain: 6; No answer: 1 Matchup No. 4: A three-way race between Bloomberg, Clinton, and McCain Clinton: 14, Bloomberg: 4, McCain: 2 His American Dream [NYM]