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2012 London Olympics

  1. rafalca
    Rafalca Likely Kept Off the Romneys’ Taxes to Inflate Their Effective RateCould’ve claimed some $77,000 in deductions on the horse.
  2. stoners
    American Judo Star Sent Home From Olympics After Eating Weed, Uh, AccidentallyThis has never happened to anyone in real life.
  3. 2012 london olympics
    Ryan Lochte’s Mom Did Not Know What ‘One-Night Stand’ MeansShe did not mean to imply that her son was having lots of casual sex.
  4. 2012 london olympics
    Watch the Best of RafalcaWow!
  5. mooooooom!
    Ryan Lochte Only Has Time for Meaningless Sex, Embarrassing Mom ReportsAwkward. 
  6. working hard or hardly working
    U.S. Office Workers Are Olympic Time-Wasting ChampionsMay cost employers $650 million.
  7. dear leader
    Kim Jong-il Wins Olympic Weightlifting Medal From Beyond the GraveActual weightlifter gives him full credit. 
  8. empty seats
    Olympics Organizers Filling Empty Seats With Students, SoldiersAnd you thought the Games were just for rich people. 
  9. 2012 london olympics
    Bob Costas Follows Through on Opening Ceremony Moment of Silence The sportscaster wanted to pay tribute to those killed during the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.
  10. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney Vindicated Olympic official rings bell, bell collapses.