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  1. ratings
    The DNC Was a Ratings Hit; So Was Trump’s SpeechA word to the wise, though: Don’t use this to predict November’s election results.
  2. Democrats Roasted Donald Trump at the DNCThe best burns.
  3. We Asked People at the DNC If Attacks on Hillary Are Based on GenderDNC attendees and protesters gave us their two cents.
  4. Delegates Weigh In on a Bill Clinton White HouseWhat will he do back in the White House?
  5. early and often
    The White-Voter Identity CrisisWhat does it mean to be white in this election? That’s a really complicated question.
  6. We Asked Bernie or Bust Supporters Why They’re BustingSpoiler alert: They had a lot to say.
  7. early and often
    Star Power, Fatigue Bring Unity to PhillyBy the end of Bernie Sanders’s speech to the DNC, the die-hard Sandernistas appeared to be mollified. Or, at least, too tired to keep booing.
  8. Everyone Hates Debbie Wasserman SchultzA brief explainer.
  9. Mississippi Flag Comes Down in Philly After Protesters Stage a Sit-inThe flags of all 50 states — now minus one — were flying on Broad Street for the DNC.
  10. 2016 dnc
    Left Is Borrowing Hillary Hate From the RNC“Lock her up” chants at the not-so-unified Democratic National Convention.
  11. Bernie Boosts Hillary, Gets Booed “We have got to elect Hillary Clinton,” Bernie Sanders told his delegates on Monday — and was met with a chorus of boos.
  12. that’s the ticket!
    Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Had a Great Time at the Official Veep AnnouncementA rally in Miami was joyful, optimistic, and showcased exactly why Clinton picked Kaine.
  13. 2016 dnc
    Sorry, Brooklyn: Philly Will Host the 2016 DNCAlso something called “Columbus, Ohio.”
  14. bill de blasio’s new york
    NYPD Union Beefs Against Mayor de Blasio Over ‘Squeegee People’ and the 2016 DNCPolice say we’re back in the “bad old days.”