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2016 Gop Primary Debate

  1. The Republican Front-runner Just Assured America His Penis Is Large Indeed“He referred to my hands as if they’re small, something else may be small. I guarantee to you there’s no problem.”
  2. Watch the 11th GOP Debate With Daily IntelligencerWatch the opening battle of the GOP’s civil war with New York’s political team.
  3. Rubio: Google ‘Trump and Polish Workers’At the tenth GOP debate, the Florida senator came at Trump with everything his opposition researchers had.
  4. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  5. Donald Trump Nears 50 Percent in New National Poll As Marco Robot Powers DownThat Trump-Sanders race everyone predicted is finally taking shape.
  6. Chris Christie Ends His Presidential CampaignTime for less traffic in the Establishment lane.
  7. Former Senator Scott Brown Will Pledge Allegiance to the DonaldThe moderately conservative — but extremely handsome — Republican is expected to endorse Trump Tuesday night.
  8. Donald Trump Offers Fox News an Olive Branch, in the Form of a Very Boring RallyAfter an apparent apology from Roger Ailes, Donald Trump put together the dullest sideshow he possibly could.
  9. early and often
    Cruz Will Abandon International Law, If ElectedHe’s very upset about the Iranian hostage crisis that he imagined.
  10. early and often
    Ted Cruz Gives Donald Trump a Taste of His Own BirtherismAt the GOP Debate in South Carolina, Cruz argued that if he isn’t a “natural born citizen,” then neither is Trump.
  11. liveblog
    Watch the Sixth GOP Debate With Daily IntelligencerThere are only seven candidates left on the main debate stage.
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    Ben Carson’s ‘Total Propaganda’Carson denied he had a “relationship” with Mannatech. But he’s on record saying their vitamins helped cure his prostate cancer.
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    Rivals’ TV Ads Are Knocking Trump Down in PollsWill the former front-runner fire back with a political-ad blitz of his own? 
  14. 2016 gop primary debate
    Asking a Childhood Vaccination Expert About the GOP Debate Will Donald Trump’s or Ben Carson’s opinions on vaccines infect the general populace?
  15. 2016 gop primary debate
    Donald Trump’s Newest Enemy: Fox News The debate showed Roger Ailes has had a change of heart, and he could prove to be a tougher opponent than any Trump’s faced.
  16. Polls That Will Determine Fox News Debaters Fox’s team of election analysts is currently crunching numbers to set the field.