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  1. facebook follies
    Facebook’s Year of Scandal, Ranked By How Much You Should Actually CareIt’s tough to separate controversy from non-troversy when it comes to Facebook
  2. google
    Boy, We Sure Googled Some Dumb Things This YearA look at 2018 search trends from Google.
  3. Why Democrats Could See a Polling Boost Right Before the MidtermsIn 2016, a late October spike in Obamacare premiums helped the GOP win the presidency; this year, it might just cost them the House.
  4. The Trump Tax Cuts Will Not Save Republicans This FallA new poll finds only 2 percent of Americans believe Trump’s tax law got them a raise, while 58 percent say the plan primarily benefits the rich.
  5. After Passing Trump’s Tax Cuts, What’s Next on the GOP’s Agenda?GOP leaders want to tackle infrastructure and welfare reform, but first they’ll have to address all the issues they pushed off to the new year.
  6. select all
    New Year’s Meme Ensures Perfect Moment of Your Jam Will Be Playing at MidnightAs in Kesha singing that high note from “Praying” exactly at midnight.
  7. 7 Lessons From the Democrats’ Triumph in AlabamaThe suburbs are turning blue, black voters are turning out, and the prospects of “welfare reform” just turned grim.
  8. stuck in the mittle
    Trump and Bannon Don’t Want Senator Romney — But They Might Not Have Much SayBoth the president and his former strategist seem to prefer incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch, and Utahns might not care.
  9. The Case for Centrism in the Trump Era Is Hilariously WeakA former Clinton adviser argues that Trump beat Democrats on substance, not style — and accidentally exposes the bankruptcy of his worldview.
  10. Democrats Can Abandon the Center — Because the Center Doesn’t ExistThe center is a myth that obscures the genuine electoral risks that Democrats would face in moving left — and the potential benefits of such a pivot.
  11. Vulnerable House Republican Ties Himself to TrumpTom MacArthur represents a swing district in a blue state. But he’s still more afraid of losing the conservative base than the center.
  12. GOP Hopes to Use Anti-Clinton Strategy to Kill Warren 2020 in the CradleThe right plans to seed damaging narratives about Warren early — just as it did with Clinton. But that task will be much harder this time around.
  13. Pelosi Promises to Pass $15 Minimum Wage If Dems Take HouseDon’t look now, but Capitol Hill Democrats seem to be putting together an ambitious, populist post-2016 agenda.
  14. Poll: Voters Favor Impeaching Trump by 7-Point MarginFor the first time, PPP finds more voters favor Trump’s impeachment than oppose it. And the survey has similarly bad news for GOP congresspeople.
  15. Former NFL Player to Challenge Vulnerable Texas GOP CongressmanWith Trump’s favorability underwater in Texas, Democrats are poised to compete for House seats — and maybe Ted Cruz’s spot in the Senate.
  16. Can Democrats Move Left — and to the Suburbs?Liberal activists want economic populism. But Democrats’ path to a House majority cuts through affluent suburbs that shunned Bernie Sanders.
  17. Why Harry Reid Is Right That Democrats Shouldn’t PanicLiberals are rightly worried about their powerlessness. But some of their problems will be solved by Republicans.
  18. Democrats May Run Their Own Eccentric Billionaires in 2018Inspired by Trump’s example — and the weakness of the Democrats’ bench — a trio of liberal mega-donors are contemplating runs for governor.