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2020 Hindsight

  1. 2020 hindsight
    Why Democrats Are Losing Ground With Hispanic VotersA new report sheds light on one of 2021’s defining political questions.
  2. 2020 hindsight
    New 2020 Autopsy: Demographics Won’t Save DemocratsIn Nevada, high turnout made the electorate more diverse but no more Democratic, while in Wisconsin white working-class Democrats kept dying off.
  3. 2020 hindsight
    Latinas Drove Trump’s Gains With Hispanic Voters in 2020And two other new insights into the demographic’s rightward shift.
  4. 2020 hindsight
    David Shor on Why Trump Was Good for the GOP — and How Dems Can Win in 2022The data scientist shares his latest theories on why Democrats lost Hispanic support in 2020 and what the party must do to avoid disaster in 2022.