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2020 Presidential Debates

  1. 2020 presidential debates
    Highlights From the Final Trump-Biden DebateIt went a lot better than last time, but the calm of civility only lasted so long.
  2. satire
    All the Surprise Guests Trump May Bring to Thursday’s DebateNo one loves televised surprises more than President Trump. Here’s who he might invite to the debate to mess with Biden on Thursday night.
  3. vision 2020
    What Is Biden’s Actual Position on Court-Packing?Biden has been reluctant to say if he is considering expanding the Supreme Court, though he claimed he would provide an answer before the election.
  4. 2020 presidential debates
    Trump and Biden to Be Muted During Initial Responses in Last Presidential DebateEach candidate will be muted as the other provides a two-minute response for each segment, a change designed to cut down on Trump’s interruptions.
  5. 2020 presidential debates
    Fox News Tries on Every Possible Trump Defense After His Disastrous DebateWednesday night was full of hedging and misdirection on the president’s favorite network.
  6. 2020 presidential debates
    Trump May Have His Microphone Cut Off If He Interrupts the Next Debate: ReportThe Commission on Presidential Debates is introducing new rules based on last night’s disaster, and they reportedly have some teeth.
  7. politics
    Debate Focus Group: White Working Class Men Sour on TrumpEveryone was lukewarm on both candidates, and that’s a big change for the president’s supposedly impregnable base.