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2020 Senate Elections

  1. 2020 gubernatorial elections
    Good News for Democrats: Manchin to Stay in SenateHad Manchin run for and won back his old gubernatorial gig, his Senate seat might have soon flipped to Republicans.
  2. 2020 senate elections
    Battleground Georgia: Isakson’s Retirement Gives State Two 2020 Senate RacesIt’s looking like Georgia will be a Democratic target across the board in 2020, even though Stacey Abrams cannot be talked into a Senate race.
  3. supreme court
    Supreme Court Vacancy in 2020 Would Change EverythingRuth Bader Ginsburg’s latest cancer scare offers a reminder of how vulnerable the Supreme Court is to a radical conservative revolution.
  4. 2020 senate elections
    Susan Collins’s Approval Rating Dives As Reelection Contest ApproachesThe senator is losing popularity and is lashed to a president who is even more unpopular than she is in Maine.
  5. kris kobach
    Kris Kobach Senate Run Could Be Good News for DemocratsOne of 2018’s big losers may be readying a comeback.
  6. vision 2020
    Who Will Be the First Democratic Presidential Candidate to Drop Out?The Grim Reaper has been spotted in the vicinity of John Hickenlooper, who could potentially do better for himself and the party with a Senate run.
  7. democratic debates
    2020 Democrats Don’t Know What to Do About Mitch McConnellTwo moderators tried to get the candidates to come to grips with the awful specter of a Republican Senate in 2021 without much success.