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2021 Elections

  1. politics
    The Republican Wave Extended to New York CityBesides Curtis Sliwa’s spanking, the GOP had a good week.
  2. politics
    Democrats Release Their Hostages and Give Biden a WinIt was ugly, but the House finally passed an infrastructure bill and advanced the president’s prized social-spending bonanza.
  3. schools
    New Jersey’s Education Rebellion Was a Long Time ComingBut Democrats didn’t heed the signs.
  4. the inside game
    What Democrats and Pollsters Missed in New JerseyRepublicans may be shy in responding to surveys, but not about turning out on Election Day, says one of the state’s top pollsters.
  5. 2021 elections
    A Truck Driver Pulled Off an Upset on the Cheap in the New Jersey State SenateRepublican Ed Durr has unseated the powerful Stephen Sweeney, who has been state senate president for over a decade.
  6. politics
    New Jersey’s Phil Murphy Survives Scare and Wins ReelectionThe Democrat didn’t match his 2017 margin, or Joe Biden’s in 2020, and for a moment looked like he might suffer an upset.
  7. politics
    New York’s Ballot Proposals on Redistricting, Voting Reform FailThough New York City voters voted in favor of all five initiatives, the state only passed two proposals on the environment and the courts.
  8. politics
    A Socialist Dream Deferred in BuffaloIndia Walton looked for a few months like the wave of the future. Then the city’s Democratic machine struck back.
  9. 2021 elections
    Democrats Would Only Lose Again by Decimating Biden’s AgendaThe worst thing Democrats in Congress can do after Tuesday’s election losses is give up their fleeting opportunity to make historic accomplishments.
  10. 2021 elections
    Minneapolis Voters Reject Overhaul of Police DepartmentSeventeen months after George Floyd’s murder, the status quo prevails.
  11. politics
    The Hillary Playbook Does Not WorkDemocrats need to start thinking about the future, not run against Donald Trump, if they wish to win.
  12. politics
    GOP Insiders: ‘Joe Biden Was More Relevant in the Race Than Donald Trump’GOP insiders think their party is cutting loose the baggage of the recent past after winning Virginia.
  13. politics
    MAGA Without the Madness WinsGlenn Youngkin delivered the GOP’s first big win after Trump’s defeat, besting Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a close race for Virginia governor.
  14. politics
    Staten Island Forgives Vito Fossella for Keeping a Secret Second FamilyAfter he was busted fathering a child in an affair, the Republican left politics. With help from Trump, he’s back as Staten Island borough president.
  15. politics
    What the Mayoral Candidates Brought With Them to the PollsEric Adams carried a photo of his late mother with him into the polling place. Curtis Sliwa brought one of his 16 cats.
  16. politics
    A 2021 New York City Election Day GuideIn addition to mayor, New Yorkers will get a chance to cast their votes for comptroller, borough president, and public advocate.
  17. politics
    Will Tuesday Change How We Talk About Crime?Election Day promises new left-wing mayors with plans to deliver the promise of last summer’s protests by redefining “public safety.”
  18. the inside game
    The Lucky Phil MurphyHow New Jersey’s governor got ahead of the backlash that has stung Democrats from coast to coast.
  19. the inside game
    Virginia’s Election Is Breaking the RulesDemocrats nationalize the governor’s race despite the mess in Biden’s Washington.
  20. 2021 elections
    Virginia Is in for a Close, Expensive Governor’s RaceTerry McAuliffe has an edge, as Virginia has been trending blue. But the “businessman outsider” Glenn Youngkin has the money to keep it tight.
  21. the city politic
    Who Will Replace Cy Vance As Manhattan District Attorney?A crowded field of progressives could spell victory for Wall Street’s favored candidate.
  22. polls
    Polling the Midterms Is Going to Be Risky BusinessIt’s hard to tell whether 2020 polling errors were about Trump, the pandemic, or something more basic and replicable.
  23. 2021 elections
    MAGA + Money Wins Virginia’s GOP Gubernatorial Race“Christian outsider businessman” Glenn Youngkin has the dough to keep things interesting against Democrat Terry McAuliffe.
  24. 2021 elections
    Virginia GOP’s Gubernatorial Contest Is a Trumpian MessAn “unassembled” convention has spurred threats of a lawsuit from MAGA candidate Amanda Chase, who could also doom the whole ticket.
  25. 2021 elections
    ‘It’s Not Enough to Be Progressive. You Have to Have Been There.’Tahanie Aboushi is running to be Manhattan DA after her own family was prosecuted.
  26. 2022 midterms
    After the Voting Wars, Who’s Likely to Turn Out in 2022?The net impact of laws to suppress or expand voting rights is unclear, and will compete with many factors affecting the level and shape of turnout.
  27. politics
    Will 2022 Governors’ Races Be Armageddon for Voting Rights?A first look at 2022 gubernatorial contests, in which voting rights may play a big role, and which in turn could affect voting rights going forward.
  28. 2021 elections
    Is Terry McAuliffe the Best Virginia Democrats Can Offer for Governor?Though he’s a politician of the past, McAuliffe is the 2021 gubernatorial front-runner in a party shaken by scandal.