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2024 Presidential Nomination

  1. early and often
    The Debate Did Nothing to Diminish Trump’s Control of the GOPTrump’s Republican opposition remains weak and divided. No wonder he didn’t bother to show up in Milwaukee.
  2. early and often
    Trump’s Indictment Is Forcing His GOP Rivals to Relitigate 2020, TooMost Republican presidential candidates really don’t want to talk about 2020 or January 6. Now, they may have to get their stories straight.
  3. early and often
    Tim Scott May Overtake the Slumping Ron DeSantis. If He Does, What Then?For the first time, there’s a chance someone will displace DeSantis as Trump’s top 2024 opponent. If it’s Tim Scott, will he finally make enemies?
  4. life after roe
    Pro-Choice Florida Voters May Disrupt Ron DeSantis’s 2024 PlansBy pushing a very unpopular near-total abortion ban to please national right-wing activists, DeSantis might have invited a dangerous backlash at home.
  5. early and often
    Attacks From Republican 2024 Rivals Are Bouncing Off TrumpA survey examining why Republican voters support Trump does not show his abortion position or electability as big concerns.