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  1. tomorrow
    8 Predictions for What the World Will Look Like in 20 YearsLess sex, two dueling internets, and more expert predictions for life in 2039.
  2. 2038
    Fake News, Bad Presidents: Tyler Cowen Predicts Our Coming 19th-Century FutureTyler Cowen thinks that in 2038, we’re going back to the world of 19th-century American politics — bitter, rancorous, and dysfunctional.
  3. 2038
    In 20 Years, China Will Be on Mars — and the U.S. Will Be an IslandOn this week’s episode of 2038, writer Bruno Maçães lays out a future in which America marginalizes itself as China builds a new world order.
  4. 2038
    When Will My Self-Driving Car Get Here?On this week’s episode of 2038, Duke robotics expert Missy Cummings lays out the future of autonomous vehicles on the road and in the air.
  5. intelligencer
    Intelligencer’s New Podcast, 2038What will the world look like in 20 years?
  6. 2038
    In 20 Years, the Internet Will Have Swallowed You, So Nothing Will Be PrivateOn this week’s episode of 2038, the author of What Is Code? talks about the true (maybe terrifying) meaning of the “internet of things.”
  7. 2038
    In 20 Years, the Internet Will Split in Two — Then Go to War With ItselfOn this week’s episode of 2038, journalist An Xiao Mina shares her prediction of an internet cold war.
  8. 2038
    What Will Happen to the Supreme Court in 20 Years?Legal reporter Dahlia Lithwick reveals her prediction for the future of the Supreme Court.
  9. intelligencer
    Introducing the New IntelligencerNow with business and tech coverage, more politics, a podcast, an experimental new homepage, and even more great writers.