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  1. intel
    205 to be Eighty-Sixed? 205, the de facto after-party spot for downtown’s skaters, bar owners, and artists (not to mention Serge Becker’s entourage of models), is such a hipster destination that they recently turned away Keanu Reeves (according to the friend who tried to get him in). But the last laugh may ultimately be on the club, as evidenced by a bright-orange restraining order on the door, served in August to the club’s previous incarnation, 6’s and 8’s, after underage drinking and drug-use busts. Having unsuccessfully tried to reach a settlement with the city, 205 owner Guy Jacobson will go to State Supreme Court on Tuesday to fight the possibility of being temporarily closed under the three-strikes-you’re-out Nuisance Abatement Law. Jacobson (who also owned 6’s and 8’s and currently owns Café Deville and Belmont Lounge) says that since the order was issued, police have gone undercover as taxi drivers, asking patrons leaving the club whether they were offered drugs. But he insists the city has 205 unfairly pegged: “Belmont Lounge and Café Deville used to be drug dens before I bought them; I cleaned them out. I have a license to sell one drug; it’s the one behind the bar.” — Daniel Maurer