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  1. 21 questions
    Jason Biggs Sometimes Waits for Ashton Kutcher to AppearThe actor takes our 21 questions challenge.
  2. 21 questions
    Allison Williams Is Friends With the Dinosaurs at the Natural History MuseumThe Girls actress takes on 21 of our questions.
  3. 21 questions
    Amanda Peet Almost Burned Down a Restaurant One TimeThe actress answers 21 of our questions.
  4. 21 questions
    Michael Urie Doesn’t Trust a First-Floor LobbyThe actor, director, and producer takes a stab at our 21 Questions.
  5. 21 questions
    Vijay Iyer Really Hates the Toys ’R’ Us Ferris WheelThe composer and musician answers our signature 21 questions.
  6. 21 questions
    Vice Co-founder Suroosh Alvi Thinks New York Is ‘BOOOORRRINGGG’The Vice co-founder takes on our New York questionnaire.
  7. 21 questions
    ‘Handsome Dick’ Manitoba Once Peed on the Subway PlatformThe punk front man, bar proprietor, and radio host answers 21 of our questions.
  8. 21 questions
    Doug E. Fresh Appreciates His Massage TableThe rapper and producer takes a stab at our 21 Questions.
  9. 21 questions
    Kevin Corrigan Once Had a Very Special Subway Moment With Gilbert GottfriedThe actor takes a crack at our signature questionnaire. 
  10. 21 questions
    Billy Porter Has a Thing for White Lady PillsThe actor and playwright answers our signature questionnaire.
  11. 21 questions
    David Johansen Will Not Let NYC Become CincinnatiThe New York Dolls frontman answers our 21 Qs.
  12. 21 questions
    Jim Jarmusch Is Suspicious of All PoliticiansThe filmmaker and musician answers 21 of our questions.
  13. 21 questions
    Dapper Dan Can Ballroom Dance All NightThe hip-hop fashion icon answers our signature questionnaire.
  14. 21 questions
    Anna Sui Would Ban Weird Elmos From Times SquareThe fashion designer answers 21 of our questions.
  15. 21 questions
    Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Name Brands Unless They Pay HerThe actress takes on our signature questionnaire.
  16. John Lithgow Hangs Out in the Ladies PavilionThe distinguished actor answers takes on 21 of our questions.
  17. 21 questions
    Wylie Dufresne Has a Lot of Aches and PainsThe celebrated chef answers 21 of our questions.
  18. 21 questions
    John Leguizamo Thinks Subway Dancers Are ‘the Bomb’The monologuist and actor takes on our 21 Qs.
  19. 21 questions
    Julia Stiles Thinks NYC’s Rats Are Getting Bigger and BolderThe actress answers 21 of our questions.
  20. 21 questions
    Sharon Van Etten Is Too Shy to Call Herself a New YorkerThe musician takes on our signature questionnaire.
  21. 21 questions
    De Blasio Is Not Hippie Enough for Saul WilliamsThe poet and actor answers our 21 Questions.
  22. 21 questions
    The Woman Who Took Alex Karpovsky’s Virginity Doesn’t Know ItThe filmmaker and Girls actor answers 21 of our questions.
  23. 21 questions
    Mike D Does Not Forgive Isiah Thomas for What He Did to the KnicksThe Beastie Boy and producer takes on our signature questionnaire.
  24. 21 questions
    Chris Noth Is As Old As Old New YorkThe actor takes on our 21 Questions.
  25. 21 questions
    John Cameron Mitchell Keeps CDs in His OvenThe newly-minted Tony-winner, of Hedwig fame, answers our signature questionnaire.
  26. 21 questions
    Harvey Fierstein Appreciates a Hot HustlerThe actor and playwright answers 21 of our questions.
  27. 21 questions
    Brian Greene Lets His Wife Do the DrinkingThe physicist and author takes on our 21 Questions.
  28. 21 questions
    James McBride Recommends Daily NietzscheThe musician and author answers our patented questionnaire. 
  29. 21 questions
    Action Bronson Has Been Known to Mix the Kush With Extra-Virgin Olive OilThe rapper answers our patented questionnaire.
  30. 21 questions
    Jose Vargas: 21 QuestionsThe journalist and filmmaker answers our 21 questions.
  31. 21 questions
    Laura Benanti Gets the Most Out of Her MartinisThe actress answers our signature questionnaire.
  32. 21 questions
    Corey Stoll Is Really, Really Into GrillingThe House of Cards actor answers our patented questionnaire.
  33. 21 questions
    Drew Nieporent Has Bloody Marys at Any Time of DayThe restaurateur answers our patented questionnaire.
  34. 21 questions
    Talib Kweli Has a Ron Swanson BustThe rapper answers our signature questionnaire.
  35. 21 questions
    Bobby Cannavale Is Very Particular About Sidewalk LanesThe actor answers our signature 21 questions.
  36. 21 questions
    Laurie Simmons Learned How to Drive (From Cindy Sherman) for LoveThe artist answers our signature 21 questions.
  37. 21 questions
    Pamela Adlon 21 QuestionsThe actress answers our 21 questions.
  38. 21 questions
    Spike Lee Fears New York Is Losing Its Heart and SoulThe director answers (most of) our signature 21 questions.
  39. 21 questions
    Nina Garcia Loves Her View of the Oscar de la Renta StoreMarie Claire’s creative director answers our new 21 questions.
  40. 21 questions
    Patrick Stewart Does Not Regret the Party After the After-PartyThe actor answers a slightly revamped version of our signature 21 questions.
  41. 21 questions
    Musician Kathleen Hanna Cried the First Time She Ate SushiOur latest 21 Questions. 
  42. 21 questions
    Richard Kind Refuses to Serve Food on Roller SkatesOur latest 21 Questions. 
  43. 21 questions
    Regis Philbin Thinks New York Needs More Space for CarsOur latest 21 Questions. 
  44. 21 questions
    Dr. Ruth Has Seen the Play About Her Life More Than Fifteen TimesThe sex expert takes on our questionnaire.
  45. 21 questions
    Billy Crudup Hates a Slow WalkerThe actor takes on our 21 questions.
  46. 21 questions
    Patricia Clarkson Associates New Yorkers With KindnessOur latest installment of 21 Questions. 
  47. 21 questions
    Alexis Krauss Once Appeared, Briefly, in a Sheryl Crow Music VideoThe Sleigh Bells singer answers 21 of our questions.
  48. 21 questions
    Artist KAWS Makes His Dog Do Donald Trump ImpersonationsOur latest 21 Questions. 
  49. 21 questions
    House of Cards’ Sebastian Arcelus Asks for ‘the Usual’ at His BodegaThe actor answers our 21 Questions. 
  50. 21 questions
    Nico Muhly Pays His Dog Sitter in Bolognese SauceThe composer has 21 answers to our 21 questions.
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