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    3-D Printing Might Save Coral ReefsRepairing ocean levels, rising temperatures, and pollution is another story.
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    The Downloadable Gun Is Dead — for NowA federal judge issued a temporary nationwide ban on blueprints for untraceable 3-D-printed firearms just hours before they posted online.
  3. Could This New Form of 3-D Printing Revolutionize Home Design?Give it a couple years …
  4. 3-D-Printed Guns Will Soon Require a Background Check in CaliforniaThe law took two years to pass.
  5. This Artist 3-D-Prints His Work With ClayArtist Taekyeom Lee built a 3-D printer and clay extruder that can produce small- and medium-scale ceramic objects.
  6. This British Defense Contractor Wants to ‘Grow’ DronesBe afraid.
  7. 5 Crazy 3-D-Printed Things That Actually ExistWelcome to your future.
  8. This High-Tech Pen Can Draw 3-D Objects in Thin AirSome of this stuff is straight up gallery-worthy.
  9. You Can Buy Your Mom a Totally-Not-Creepy 3-D-Printed Version of You for $30,000Nothing says “I love you” like terrifying, overpriced tech.
  10. How a Bot’s Bizarre, Useless Objects Became a 3D-Printing ControversyCan bots create art? Or is it just spam?
  11. hack the city
    You Might Be Able to 3-D Print Your Next HouseWelcome to a new era of building construction.