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  1. iowa caucuses
    Iowa Dems: Pro-Trump Trolls Clogged Phones Lines, Worsening Caucus DebacleA hotline to report caucus results was tied up, at least in part, by pranksters from 4Chan.
  2. life in pixels
    Is Andrew Yang the Doomer Candidate?Andrew Yang’s climate fatalism during Wednesday’s debate seemed to reflect a strange, esoteric nihilism taking root in the internet’s weirder corners.
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    Posts Indicate Suspect in Toronto Attack Was Radicalized on 4chanAlek Minassian seems to have spent a lot of time on 4chan.
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    The Saga of Quinn Norton’s 7-Hour Times Career, ExplainedHow a tech activist was undone by her online footprint.
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    The Storm Is the New Pizzagate — Only WorseA new conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has taken the grimiest parts of the internet by, well, storm.
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    4channers Are Eating Onions to Be More ManlySoy Boys, Onion Lads, and 4chan’s never-ending quest for testosterone.
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    The Vicious Circle of 4chan’s Mass-Shooting HoaxesWhen identifying hoaxes also amplifies them.
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    4chan Isn’t Dealing So Well With Steve Bannon’s White House ResignationRedditors, too.
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    The Woman Targeted by Gamergate on Surviving a World-Altering Trolling AttackZoë Quinn spent much of her life playing and designing games. Then she found herself inside one – a vicious, multiplayer real-time harassment bonanza.
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    Where Did the Alt-Right Come From? This Book Finds Some Uncomfortable AnswersAngela Nagle’s Kill All Normies is among the best examinations of the origins of the alt-right.
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    Dubious Macron Leaks Linked to Infamous Neo-Nazi Hacker-Troll WeevThe faked records came from a server that also hosts a white-supremacist website.
  12. 4chan Is in Dire StraitsThe site’s owner desperately needs to cut costs or up revenue.
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    How Internet Trolls Won the 2016 Presidential ElectionThe media don’t understand chan culture, and that’s made it easy for the channers to have a surprisingly easy time manipulating everyone.
  14. 4chan Isn’t Sure Whether It’s Excited the Times Wrote Up Its Anti-Semitism“REEEE shut it down! The normies know!”
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    Moot Works for Google NowA slightly unexpected development.
  16. The Email Threat to L.A. Schools Came From This Penis-Themed Mail ServiceThe threat that shut 1,000 schools came from a cock.li address.
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    Inside /pol/, the 4chan Politics Board Shouted Out in Minneapolis Gun Video“Politically incorrect” is an understatement.
  18. Two Suspects Arrested in Connection With Black Lives Matter ShootingDays before the shooting in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter posted a video of two masked men bringing a gun to their protest site. 
  19. Did You Know You Can Pay Indian Kids $5 to Yell Out Memes?Internet culture is globalized, but it’s still horrible.
  20. leap second
    Leap Second Gave the Internet a Really Bad HeadacheIt knocked out a dozen or so major websites.
  21. internet
    Crime Scene Pics Turn Up on 4ChanAn officer under investigation says it wasn’t her.
  22. internet
    4Chan-Based ‘Bronies’ Continue Their Media TakeoverTeenage dudes who love ‘My Little Pony’ for real! Sort of.
  23. post-modern love
    One of the Forever-Alone Singles 4Chan Lured to Times Square Is Actually Rather DashingHis name is Keats and he wears a fedora.
  24. please don’t hurt us
    4chan Using Fake OkCupid Profiles to Lure Pathetic Singles to Times SquareLike “forever alones” didn’t have it bad enough.
  25. the future is coming
    The Boy Genius Behind 4Chan Launches His Next Start-UpLet the meme-making begin!
  26. secrets secrets are no fun
    WikiLeaks-Style Info Dump on Gawker Coming?That’s what has staffers worried.
  27. gawker
    FBI Investigating Gawker Hack“The kind of attention we got — which spiked Gawker.com traffic — is the kind we can do without,” said Denton.
  28. blog-stained wretches
    The Aftermath of the Gawker Hack [Updated]Nick Denton has something on his face.
  29. gawker
    Gawker Hacked, Private User Information Possibly Stolen [Updated]“Our user databases appear to have been compromised.”
  30. loose lips
    Who Are Those ‘Anonymous’ WikiLeak Hacktivists?Turning up the veil on Operation Payback.
  31. loose lips
    Hackers Take Down Mastercard in Revenge for Blocking WikiLeaksPayPal, Visa, and Amazon … get ready for “Operation Payback.”
  32. the internet’s seedy underworld
    Gawker and 4Chan Are at WarGawker had called out the Internet community for picking on a little girl.